MIUC Program August 2012

August 7th
  • Matthias Schack-Arnott (percussion) and Ida Duelund (contra bass)
  • Vijay Thillaimuthu (modular synths), Richie Cyngler (puredata and supercollider) and Refund (midi controlled patches and kaospads)

August 14th

  • LEON (CH) with Avenaim and Baxter, featuring: Louis Schild (bass), Raphaël Ortis (bass), Robbie Avenaim (drumkit) and Sean Baxter (drumkit)
  • dQtc (CH), featuring: Lionel Friedli (drums), Vincent Membrez (Minimoog) and Antoine Läng (voice and electronics)
  • Muneomi Senju (JP) (drumkit), Bonnie Mercer (guitar) and Stephen Richards (analogue synthesizer)

August 21st

    • Baked Light (Bris/Mel) featuring: Joel Stern (a/v ) and Tarquin Manek (clarinet, voice, percussion, micro cassettes, amplifier and fry pan guitar )
    • James Bowers (rhodes), Gareth Thomson (drums) and Nic Lam (guitar) 
    • Maya-Victoria (analogue objects)

      August 28th
        • Edryan Hakim (kvlt sonic objects) and Emma Albury (grimm sonic subjects)
        • Straylight and Hyperborea, featuring: James Tom (organ and synth) and Keegan Costleg (synth and organ)
        • Angus Leslie (guitar), Ben Harrison (trumpet) and Jon Heilbron (contra bass)
        • Max Nagl (Austria) (saxophone)