MIUC Program November 2015

November 3rd

  • DJ K.E.I. [JPN] (Turntables, CDJs) & Mino Peric (Turntables)
  • Taipan Tiger Girls feat. Ollie Olsen (Synth), Lisa MacKinney (Guitar) & Mat Watson (Drums)
  • Time for Dreams feat. Amanda Roff (Bass, Voice), Tom Carlyon (Guitar, Keys, Electronics) & Simon Karis (Electronics)

November 10th

  • Drohtnung [WA] feat. Old (Voice, Electronics), B.C (Guitar), HrS (Guitar), S. (Bass) & B.H (Drums)
  • Armour Group feat. Harriet Morgan  (Voice, Electronics) & Luke Holland (Voice, Electronics)
  • Old Burial Temple [WA] (Electronics)
  • Nothinghunger (Electronics)

November 17th

  • Acid Baby Jesus [GRC] feat. Noda Pappas (Guitar, Voice), Dale McDonald (Guitar), Till Stronis (Bass) & Markos M (Drums)
  • X Wave feat. Adam Sussman (Guitar, Voice)
  • Shit to the Spirit aka Erkki Veltheim (Violin, Voice, Drums, Brutality)
  • (no)Signal feat. Carla Ori (Personality Disordered Fuzz Exploding Punky Brewster Bass), Toby Brodel (Screeching Binary Chaos), Jay Curtis (Granular Dronescapes, Glitchy Data Bent Textures, General Noise), Ash Briody (Percussion) & Gerard Smith (Room-With-A-View Guitar)
November 24th

  • Full of Hell vs. Occult Blood feat. Dylan Walker (Hellish Noise), Spencer Hazard (Hellish Noise), David Bland (Hellish Noise), Brandon Brown (Hellish Noise), Pete Parasite (Voice), Dirty Dan (Guitar)
  • Matt Faisandier (Percussives), Gemma Falconer (Voice, Trampoline) & Nik Kennedy (Voice, Electronics)
  • Morbid Crusher (Christ Anal)