MIUC Program October 2011

October 4th
  • Donkey Mothers of Arse, AKA: Shane Van Den Akker (voice)
  • Miles Brown (theremin) and Matthew Brown (synthesiser)
  • Mad Nanna, featuring: Samaan Fieck (no), Ian Wadley (fi), Patrick O'Brien (anti) and Michael Zulicki (music)

October 11th
  • This Ensemble, featuring:
  • Adrian Sherriff bass trombone
  • Anita Hustas bass
  • David Tolley (electronics)
  • Adam Simmons saxophones, clarinet
  • Tony Hicks saxophones, clarinet
  • Pat Thiele trumpet
  • Phil Collings drums, percussion
  • Ren Walters guitar
  • Sam Pankhurst bass
  • Steve Law electronics
  • Erkki Veltheim violin
  • Scott McConnachie alto sax

October 18th
  • Jasmine Guffond (conduction with horns)
  • Tony Osborne (acoustic and electric voice)
  • Oscil_Ether (Bris) (extended guitar, effects, and modular synthesiser)

October 25th
  • Kevin CK Lo (music) and Troy PJ Naumoff (music)
  • Joe Talia (drumkit), Ben Bourke (bass), James Rushford (viola) and Ned Collette (guitar)
  • Clinton Green (turntables) and Andrew McIntosh (electronics)