MIUC Program September 2011

September 6th

  • Umbilical Tentacle featuring: Yuke Mikayama (vocals and electronics), Nik Kennedy (vocals and electronics), Brad Smith (drumkit)
  • Doom Cube, featuring: Samuel Dunscombe (MaxMSP), Jessica Pinney (MaxMSP), and Kim Tan (MaxMSP)
  • Felicity Provan (cornet and voice) (NL), Cor Fuhler (keyolin) (NL)

September 13th

  • Nik Kennedy (sub bass processed voice, homemade instruments, electronics and effects) and Dave Brown (macrosonically effected electric guitar)
  • Axximilation, featuring: Pandie Panther and Battle Pussy (drum kit, voice, tapes, laptop and distortion)
  • Ben Byrne (laptop and electronics) and Sam Pettigrew (SYD) (bass and electronics)

September 20th

  • Military Position vs. Spasmoslop, AKA: Harriet Morgan (bass/electronics) Nik Kennedy (vocals/electronics)
  • Wank Bank, featuring: Stewart Cole (pitch shifted vocals), Tommy Miller (drumkit) and Michael Bugsy (abused guitar)
  • Robbie Avenaim (extended percussion)

September 27th

  • No Anchor (BRIS), featuring: Alex Gillies (drumkit), Donovan Miller (bass) and Ian Rogers (bass)
  • The Swamp with strings and percussion, featuring: Brad Smith (vocals and electronics), Jack Whitcroft (vocals and electronics), Leo Whitcroft (vocals and electronics), Nik Kennedy (vocals, bog sounds and electronics), Judith Hamann (cello), Maya-Victoria (percussion) and Nat Grant (percussion)
  • Joe Musgrove (BRIS) (a/v processing)