MIUC's 18th Birthday Program January 2016

January 5th

  • Lazy  feat. Dave Brown (Guitar) & Sean Baxter (Drums)
  • Cable Ties feat. Jenny McKechnie (Guitar, Voice), Nick Brown (Bass) & Shauna Ceratops (Drums) w/ Llara Goodall (Tapes, Electronics)
  • Holy Boner feat. Nik Kennedy (Throat, Electronics), Brad Smith (Drums, Throat), James Tolman (Throat) & Todd Anderson-Kunert (Electronics)
January 12th

  • Dur-e Dara (Presence), Ren Walters (Guitar), Clinton Green (Turntables) & Elnaz Sheshgelani (Movement)
  • Yoshitake Expe [JPN] (Guitar, Electronics), Stevie Richards (Synth) & Matthias Schack-Arnott (Percussion)
  • Benjamin Harrison (Trumpet), Adam Halliwell (Guitar), Loretta Wilde (Bass) & Maria Moles (Percussion)
  • Karli White (Electronics) & Carey Knight (Electronics)
January 19th

  • FIRE! [SWE] feat. Mats Gustafsson (Saxophone, Electronics), Jonas Berthling (Bass), Andreas Werliin (Percussion) w/ Mariam Wallentin [SWE] (Voice) & Oren Ambarchi (Guitar)
  • Wildbirds & Peacedrums [SWE] feat. Mariam Wallentin (Voice) & Andreas Werliin (Percussion)
  • Mats Gustafsson [SWE] (Saxophone) & Joe Talia (Percussion)

January 26th

  • Hans Koch [DE] (Bass Clarinet) & Thomas Peter [DE] (Electronics)
  • Franziska Baumann [CH] (Voice) & Carolyn Connors (Voice)
  • Hannes Buder (Guitar) & Gary Butler (Guitar, Objects)
  • Peter Knight (Trumpet, Electronics) & Nat Grant (Percussion, Electronics)

MIUC Program December 2015

December 1st

  • Andreas Siagian [IDN] (Electronics), Lintang Radittya [IDN] (Electronics) & Tarquin Manek (Presence)
  • DF0:BAD [SYD] aka Andrew Voet (Electronics) vs. RVACB [SYD] aka B.Lehrer (Electronics)
  • Embalmy (Electronics) & Kahl.C (Electronics)

December 8th

  • Jon Rose [NSW] (Violin) & Julia Reidy [DE/NSW] (Guitar)
  • Alon Ilsar [NSW] (Percussion) & Adam Simmons (Woodwinds)
  • Aviva Endean (Woodwinds)
  • Shani Mohini-Holmes (Voice) & Adrian Sherriff (Trombone)

December 15th

  • MIUC Big Band feat. Dave Brown (Strings), Alex Garsden (Strings), Lizzy Welsh (Strings), Sean Baxter (Percussion), Joe Talia (Percussion), Maria Moles (Percussion), Aviva Endean (Reeds), Lloyd Honeybrook (Reeds), Lisa MacKinney (Organ), Carolyn Connors (Voice), Peter Hyde (Voice), Llara Goodall (Electronics), Sharryn Koppens (Electronics), Samaan Fieck (Electronics)

MIUC Program November 2015

November 3rd

  • DJ K.E.I. [JPN] (Turntables, CDJs) & Mino Peric (Turntables)
  • Taipan Tiger Girls feat. Ollie Olsen (Synth), Lisa MacKinney (Guitar) & Mat Watson (Drums)
  • Time for Dreams feat. Amanda Roff (Bass, Voice), Tom Carlyon (Guitar, Keys, Electronics) & Simon Karis (Electronics)

November 10th

  • Drohtnung [WA] feat. Old (Voice, Electronics), B.C (Guitar), HrS (Guitar), S. (Bass) & B.H (Drums)
  • Armour Group feat. Harriet Morgan  (Voice, Electronics) & Luke Holland (Voice, Electronics)
  • Old Burial Temple [WA] (Electronics)
  • Nothinghunger (Electronics)

November 17th

  • Acid Baby Jesus [GRC] feat. Noda Pappas (Guitar, Voice), Dale McDonald (Guitar), Till Stronis (Bass) & Markos M (Drums)
  • X Wave feat. Adam Sussman (Guitar, Voice)
  • Shit to the Spirit aka Erkki Veltheim (Violin, Voice, Drums, Brutality)
  • (no)Signal feat. Carla Ori (Personality Disordered Fuzz Exploding Punky Brewster Bass), Toby Brodel (Screeching Binary Chaos), Jay Curtis (Granular Dronescapes, Glitchy Data Bent Textures, General Noise), Ash Briody (Percussion) & Gerard Smith (Room-With-A-View Guitar)
November 24th

  • Full of Hell vs. Occult Blood feat. Dylan Walker (Hellish Noise), Spencer Hazard (Hellish Noise), David Bland (Hellish Noise), Brandon Brown (Hellish Noise), Pete Parasite (Voice), Dirty Dan (Guitar)
  • Matt Faisandier (Percussives), Gemma Falconer (Voice, Trampoline) & Nik Kennedy (Voice, Electronics)
  • Morbid Crusher (Christ Anal) 

MIUC Program Rocktober 2015

Rocktober 6th
  • Fite Whang [U$A] feat. Gerik Age (Voice), Hyle Kandley (Guitar), Ühs Chrilein (Bass) & Limmy Jeslie (Drums)
  • WOD feat. WOD (Shout), Jimmy Gallagher (Guitar), Jake Doyle (Bass) & Jonny Badlove (Drums)
  • Dumb Punts feat. Jimmy Gallagher Again (Guitar Again, Voice), Brent Lockhart (Bass, Voice) & Seattle Gallagher (Drums, Voice)

Rocktober 13th
  • Karate Boogaloo feat. Darvid Thor (Guitar), Cal Reez (Keys), Henry Jenkins (Bass) & Hudson Whitlock (Percussion)
  • Eves aka Edie Stevens (Electronics) w/ Kishore Ryan (Drums)
  • Caroline No feat. Caroline Kennedy (Guitar, Voice), Ian Wadley (Guitar), Mladen Lalic (Drums) & Helen Johnstone (Strings)

Rocktober 20th
  • Diploid feat. Mariam Benjemaa (Guitar, Voice), Reece Prain (Bass, Voice), Scott Mclatchie (Drums), Rachel McLaren (Voice, Electronics) & Harry Trotman (Electronics)
  • Shrimpwitch feat. Kim Prawn (Guitar, Voice) & Georgi Goonsack (Drums, Voice)
  • Pioneers of Good Science feat. Jesse Lynch (Guitar, Voice) & Jane Sertori (Drums, Voice)

Rocktober 27th
  • Heringawhiti aka Earle Stuart (Electronics, Voice)
  • Egypt Lies aka Louis Tavolaro (Electronics, Voice) & Wet Kiss aka Brennan Olver (Electronics, Voice)
  • Melbourne Dance Music Association feat. Adrian Trajstman (Bangers)

MIUC Program September 2015

September 1st

  • Donkey Mothers of Arse (Voice, Electronics, Leaf-Blower)
  • The Drunken Boat feat. Tim Panaretos (Lapsteel Guitar) & Dale Chapman (Veena, Electronics)
  • Colostomy Baguette? feat. Wayniac (Vocals, Noises), K-Hole (Vocals, Noises), X (Bass, Noises, Electronics) & Pigfukker (Beats)

September 8th

  • Alex Garsden (Electronics)
  • Matthias Schack-Arnott (Percussives) & Jenny Barnes (Voice)
  • Maria Moles (Drums) & Adam Halliwell (Guitar)

September 15th

  • Anna Svensdotter [SWE] (Flute, Electronics)
  • Splinter Cell feat. Cass Kiely (Synth, Voice), Yasmine Sharif (Synth) & Tom Rowley (Drums)
  • Isaari aka Ryan Lloyd (Electronics)
  • Makeda Zucco (Electronics)

September 22nd: Ladyz in Noyz Showcase co-curated by Lara Soulio

  • Marlo Eggplant [UK] (Electronics)
  • Elise Bishop [NZ] (Bass) & Jen Tait (Drums)
  • Freya Adele (Feedback, Electronics)
  • Andrea Blake (Electronics, Voice) & Karli White (Electronics, Voice)

September 29th

  • Sophia Brous (Voice)
  • Trevelyan Clay (Cool Vibes)
  • Glass Bricks aka David Mutch (Electronics)

MIUC Program August 2015

August 4th

  • James Rushford (Harmonium)
  • Julius Millar (Guitar) & Louis King (Guitar)
  • Chi La La feat. James McLean (Drums), Jon Heilbron (Double Bass), James Bowers (Keys), Wazza (Guitar) & Matthias Schack Arnott (Presence)

August 11th

  • Dracopede [SYD] (Electronics)
  • Sam Dunscombe (Frequencies)
  • Papaphilia aka Fjorn Butler (Electronics)

August 18th

  • Pia van Gelder [SYD] (Audiovisual Synth)
  • Sensaround feat. Alister Spence [SYD] (Rhodes, FX), Raymond MacDonald [UK] (Saxophone) & Shoeb Ahmad [CBR] (Guitar, Sampler)
  • Animal Nocturno feat. Judith Hamann (Strings) & Sam Dunscombe (Wind)

August 25th

  • Judith Hamann (Audibilities)
  • Tim Catlin (Percussion) & Michael McNab (Percussion)
  • Wölfetone aka Keith Clancy (Electronics)

MIUC Program July 2015

July 7th: Guest Curator Lisa MacKinney
  • Penny Ikinger (Guitar)
  • Dave Brown (Guitar) & John Bell [NZ] (Percussion)
  • Harvester aka Anthony Paine (Guitars, Objects)

July 14th: Guest Curator James Rushford
  • Max Nagl [AUT] (Saxophone) & Robbie Avenaim (Drums)
  • Joe Talia (Tape) & Jenny Barnes (Vox)
  • Samaan Fieck (4track) & Mark Groves (4track)
  • Matthew Revert (Tape, Objects)

July 21st: Guest Curator B Lehrer
  • Foot Tremors feat, Andrew Voet [SYD] (Electronics), Brian Lehrer (Electronics) & Ian Montalbano (Electronics)
  • Gravitational Constant aka Morgan Boughey (Electronics, Saxophone)
  • Aniseed aka Carmello Grasso (Roland MC-505, MIDI Keyboard, Roland TR-8, iPad)

July 28th: Guest Curator Karli White
  • Wooshie (Electronics) & Silent Jay (Saxophone)
  • Maddest Kings Alive aka Jack Tomasavic (Electronics)
  • Angus Doyle (Guitar, Electronics)

MIUC Program June 2015

June 2nd
    Jim Denley [SYD] (Saxophone) & Robbie Avenaim (Percussion)
  • Dave Brown (Guitar) & Nathan Pilch (Guitar)
  • Llara Goodall (Tapes, Electronics) & Kyli Goodall (Tapes, Electronics)

June 9th
  • Third Rail feat. Gary Butler (Sound), Warren Burt (Frequencies) & Ernie Althoff (Resonances)
  • Compass [NSW] feat. Shota Matsumura (Trumpet), Rory Brown (Contrabass, Trumpet) & Aemon Webb (Drums)
  • Nat Grant (Percussion, Electronics) & David Kimball (Electronics)

June 16th
  • Assad [IDN] aka Ben Andrews (Electronics)
  • Ida Duelund Hansen (Electric Bass)
  • Rainbow Vomit and Cum Bubbles aka B Lehrer (Electronics)
  • Infinite Children Dust feat. Jimmy (Electronic Sounds), Sebastian Berto (Bubblegum Goop Popper), Sha Gaze (Spirit Scape Galactica) & Gem (Theremin Guttural Roars)

June 23rd
  • Peter Blamey (Infrared Remote Controls on Solar Panels)
  • Agonhymn feat. Dav Byrne (Guitar), Liam Brewer (Drums), Darcy Long (Electronics), Terry Vainoras (Saxophone) & Sean Baxter (Percussion)
  • Nayuto Adachi (Electronics) & Peter James (Electronics)
June 30th
  • Mat Watson (Synthi AKS) & Mino Peric [BRIS] (Turntables)

MIUC Program April 2015

April 7th
  • Viv Corringham [UK] (Voice) & Dave Brown (Guitar, Electronics)
  • Paul Kidney (Voice) w/ Schlager Music feat. John Waddell (Bass, Synth, Guitar), Zac Latinovic (Guitar, Synth, Bass, Voice), David Freudenstein (Synth, Voice, Bass, Guitar, Drums) & Dylan Lieberman (Drums)
  • Jaala feat. Cosima Jaala (Guitar, Voice), Loretta Wilde (Bass, Voice), Nic Lam (Guitar) & Maria Moles (Drums)

April 14th
  • Atarangi (Electronics, Voice, Objects) & Dublos (Guitar, Voice, Attitude)
  • Biscotti aka Carla Ori (Electronics, Voice) & Orlando Furious aka Ben Snaith (Electronics, Voice)
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis aka Carey Knight (Electronics)

April 21st

  • Carmen Chan (Percussion), Adam Simmons (Reeds) and Matthew Horsley (Wind, Percussion)
  • Brigid Burke (Wind)
  • Anita Hustas (Strings)

April 28th

  • Bedtime for Princess feat. Jack Mannix [SYD] (Voice, Electronics), Natasha Ritchie (Voice, Keys, Electronics), Brennan Ryan (Voice, Electronics) & Chloé Puddin (Voice, Movement)
  • Phantom Graveller aka Kerrie Farnsworth (Saxophone, Theremin)
  • Anna Gordon (Woodwinds)
  • Phoebe Robertson (Trombone) & Zak Pidd (Lol)

MIUC Program March 2015

March 3rd
  • Dave Brown (Guitar, Electronics), Magda Mayas [DEU] (Clavinet) & Tony Buck (Percussion)
  • Charles Ives Singers feat. Alexis Ensor (Objects), Victor Meertens (Objects), David Palliser (Objects)
  • Carolyn Connors (Voice, Accordion), Llara Goodall (Percussion) & Lloyd Honeybrook (Saxophone)

March 10th

  • Forenzics [NSW] feat. Matthew Syres (Guitar), Dirk Kruithof (Guitar), Joe Cummins (Trumpet Kaoss), Maria Moles (Drums) & Shahane Bekarian (Visuals)
  • Clinton Green (Turntable, Percussion, Light) & Chun-Liang Liu (Voice, Movement, Percussion, Light)
  • Todd Anderson-Kunert (Electronics)

March 17th

  • Steve Heather [DE] (Percussion) & Marco Fusinato (Guitar, Electronics)
  • Scott Sinclair [DE] (Electronics), Sean Baxter (Percussives) & Lloyd Honeybrook (Hate Sax)
  • Yuka Mikayama (Voice), Nayuto Adachi (Electronics) & Adam Hatsu-Shin (Movement)

March 24th

  • Ghost Gums feat. Ian Wadley (Guitar), Samaan Fieck (Guitar) & Kishore Ryan (Percussion)
  • Left Hand Path feat. Toby Brodel (Electronics) & Michael Famularo (Electronics)
  • The Newport Dolls feat. Luke Sinclair (Guitar, Voice), Thomas Blatchford (Voice), Zilla Bailey (Voice, Typewriter), John Stevens (Keyboards, Noises), Katie Hare (Voice), Bianca Martin (Bass) & Angus Hamilton (Guitar)

March 31st

  • The Tremolords feat. Chris Tremolord (Guitar), Pablo Tremolord (Guitar), Marty Tremolord (Guitar), Ian Tremolord (Guitar), Zac Tremolord (Guitar), Geraint Tremolord (Guitar), Brett Tremolord (Guitar), Charlotte Tremolord (Guitar), Ruby Tremolord (Guitar), Mitch Tremolord (Guitar), Mitzi Tremolord (Guitar), Adam Tremolord (Guitar),
    Louie Tremolord (Guitar), Cosima Tremolord (Guitar), Lloyd Tremolord (Guitar) & Steve Tremolord (Drums)

MIUC Program February 2015

February 3rd
  • Mystic Eyes aka Lisa Mackinney (Guitar, Organ) & Ollie Olsen (Synth)
  • Dur-é Dara (Percussion), Shani Holmes (Voice) & Jenny Barnes (Voice)
  • Gelareh Pour (Voice, Kamanche), Adam Simmons (Woodwinds), Ashley Marie Mclellan (Movement) & Harrison Hall (Movement)

February 10th

  • MV (Electronics) & Pete Hyde (Voice)
  • Nat Grant (Percussion, Electronics)
  • Military Position aka Harriet Morgan (Electronics, Voice)

February 17th

  • Daniel Lercher [AT] (Electronics)
  • Vilan Mai (Clarinet) & Justina Lui (Violin)
  • Loretta Wilde (Bass), Julius Millar (Guitar) & Maria Moles (Percussion)

February 24th

  • Robert Mayson [USA] (Drum Stool)
  • Jen Tait (Percussion) & Mat Blackwell (Percussion)
  • Annie Llewellyn (Sound) & Natasha Vomit (Sound)