MIUC Program November 2012

November 6th

  • Holy Boner, featuring: Nik Kennedy (Bass, Vocals), Brad Smith (Drums, Vocals) and Rod Cooper (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Smash Tennis, featuring: Llara (drumkit and acid free tapes) and Samaan (guitar and acid free tapes)
  • Satyrs, featuring: Jesse Dimmock (Saxophone, synth, drum machine), Alez Glasov (Synth) and Cooper Bowman (Synth)

November 13th

  • Tim Catlin (Bowed and Activated Metals) and Nigel Brown (Deconstructed Accordion)
  • Tim Coster (Modular Synths and Effects)
  • Thugquota, AKA Tarquin Manek (Vox, Sox, Dox, Pox)

November 20th

  • Anthony Magen + Dale Gorfinkel + Matt Chaumont
  • Ben Byrne + Sam Pettigrew
  • Milica Stefanovic (Electric Bass) + Rosalind Hall (Saxophone) + Arek Gulbenkoglu (Snare Drum)

November 27th

  • Brett Evans (tenor & baritone sax), Tom Fryer (guitar), Rory Brown (double bass), Ali Watts (double bass), and Damien Ellis (drumkit)
  • Christopher Young (Horns)
  • Yoann Durant (Soprano Saxophone)