MIUC Program April 2013

April 2nd
  • Louis Burdett (Genius)
  • Brett Thompson (Guitar) & Ren Walters (Guitar)
  • Kevin CK Lo (Violinparatus & Implements)

April 9th 
  • Sooterkin Flesh feat. Troy Norfolk, Jason Van Den Boogert & Kristian Schäfer (Synthesisers, Samples, Tape Loops, Cassette Players, Turntable, Toys, Radio, Television, Metal Pipes, Drills, Strings)
  • Porpoise Torture (Electronics)
  • Lloyd Honeybrook (Hate Sax)

April 16th
  • Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Voice), Nigel Brown (Modified Accordion) & Rohan Rebeiro (Drums)
  • The Cross Brothers feat. Dan Cross (Guitar) & Patrick Cross (Guitar)
  • Stre4m feat. Paddy Gordon, Scott McCulloch & Conor O'Hanlon (Guitar, Bass, Voice, Dictaphones, Drum Kit & Fiddle)

April 23rd
  • Alexander Rishaug (NO) (Laptop)
  • NyquistX feat. Vijay Thillaimuthu (Modular Synthesiser) & Sam Price (Drums, Electronics)
  • Robert McDougall (Sound)

April 30th
    • Gelareh Pour (Kamanche, Voice), HakGwai Lau (Erhu) & Phil Coyle (Tabla)
    • Street Cred feat. Mitch Mollison (Electronics), Sarah Galdes (Drums) & Paris Favilla (Voice)
    • The Secret Tomb feat. Carey Knight (Guitar) & Ledong Kvelin (Sax, Radio, Voice)

    MIUC Program March 2013

    March 5th

    • Robin Fox and Marco Fusinato 
    • Hotel Wrecking Susie Goners
    • Garth Paine (USA)
    • Fontaine

    March 12th

    • Magda Mayas (DE), Anthea Caddy & Sean Baxter
    • Matthias Schubert (DE)
    • Thembi Soddell
    • Passenger of Shit & Nik Kennedy

     March 19th
    • Jaap Blonk (NL)
    • Pete Hyde, Christopher LG Hill, Angus Leslie, Jenny Barnes, Benjamin Harrison, Loretta Wilde and Zak Pidd
    • Sophia Brous & Gian Slater

    March 26th
      • Mike Cooper (IT) & Dean Roberts
      • Mike Cooper (IT) & Rod Cooper
      • Mike Cooper (IT) & Trevelyan Clay
      • Mike Cooper (IT) & Ian Wadley