MIUC Program March 2015

March 3rd
  • Dave Brown (Guitar, Electronics), Magda Mayas [DEU] (Clavinet) & Tony Buck (Percussion)
  • Charles Ives Singers feat. Alexis Ensor (Objects), Victor Meertens (Objects), David Palliser (Objects)
  • Carolyn Connors (Voice, Accordion), Llara Goodall (Percussion) & Lloyd Honeybrook (Saxophone)

March 10th

  • Forenzics [NSW] feat. Matthew Syres (Guitar), Dirk Kruithof (Guitar), Joe Cummins (Trumpet Kaoss), Maria Moles (Drums) & Shahane Bekarian (Visuals)
  • Clinton Green (Turntable, Percussion, Light) & Chun-Liang Liu (Voice, Movement, Percussion, Light)
  • Todd Anderson-Kunert (Electronics)

March 17th

  • Steve Heather [DE] (Percussion) & Marco Fusinato (Guitar, Electronics)
  • Scott Sinclair [DE] (Electronics), Sean Baxter (Percussives) & Lloyd Honeybrook (Hate Sax)
  • Yuka Mikayama (Voice), Nayuto Adachi (Electronics) & Adam Hatsu-Shin (Movement)

March 24th

  • Ghost Gums feat. Ian Wadley (Guitar), Samaan Fieck (Guitar) & Kishore Ryan (Percussion)
  • Left Hand Path feat. Toby Brodel (Electronics) & Michael Famularo (Electronics)
  • The Newport Dolls feat. Luke Sinclair (Guitar, Voice), Thomas Blatchford (Voice), Zilla Bailey (Voice, Typewriter), John Stevens (Keyboards, Noises), Katie Hare (Voice), Bianca Martin (Bass) & Angus Hamilton (Guitar)

March 31st

  • The Tremolords feat. Chris Tremolord (Guitar), Pablo Tremolord (Guitar), Marty Tremolord (Guitar), Ian Tremolord (Guitar), Zac Tremolord (Guitar), Geraint Tremolord (Guitar), Brett Tremolord (Guitar), Charlotte Tremolord (Guitar), Ruby Tremolord (Guitar), Mitch Tremolord (Guitar), Mitzi Tremolord (Guitar), Adam Tremolord (Guitar),
    Louie Tremolord (Guitar), Cosima Tremolord (Guitar), Lloyd Tremolord (Guitar) & Steve Tremolord (Drums)