MIUC Program June 2013

June 4th
  • Shane van den Akker (noise)
  • Complexe feat. Peter James & James A. Dean (sound)
  • Heilsgeschichte feat. Kevin CK Lo & Trent Brown (aktions)

June 11th

  • Reuben Lewis (Trumpet), Geoff Hughes (Guitar) and Ronny Ferella (Drums)
  • Self Saucing Pudding feat. Kerrie Farnsworth (Tenor Saxophone) and Mark Skelton (Synth)
  • Chubby Cheecker (Bass & Drums)

June 18th

  • 3 sets with The Phonetic Orchestra

    Jon Heilbron (Bass)
    Ida Duelund Hansen (Bass)
    Matthias Schack-Arnott (Percussion)
    Jon Smeathers (Electronics)
    Reuben Lewis (Trumpet)
    Callum G'Froerer (Trumpet)
    Brett Thompson (Guitar)
    James McLean (Drums)
    Giles Warren (Guitar)
    Tom Stewart-Toner (Guitar)
    Jenny Barnes (Voice)
    Sam Hall (Drums)

June 25th 

  • Kasper T Toeplitz
  • Dirk Dresselhaus
  • feat. Andrew Brooks (Saxophone) and Kynan Tan (Laptop)

MIUC Program May 2013

May 7th

  • Mattin (BSQ) (sound)
  • Joel Stern (Bris) (sound)
  • Cured Pink (Bris) (sound)

May 14th

  • The Andy Sugg - Kris Wanders Unit presents "The Buddy Boldon Project" feat. Andy Sugg (Tenor Sax), Kris Wanders (Tenor Sax), Tom Freyer (Guitar), Ali Watts (Bass), and Danny Fischer (drumkit)
  • David Palliser (acoustics)
  • Alex Cuffe  (sound and light)

May 21st
  • Marty Holoubek (Bass) + Brenton Foster (Keyboard)
  • Joe O'Connor (Rhodes) and James Bowers (Rhodes)
  • Petrichor feat. Alexina Hawkins (Viola), Rowan Hamwood (Flute) & Jessica Fotinos (Harp)

May 28th
  • Merge Into Stripes (A D MacHine and Bendy Hack)
  • HAARK (A Demon Sheen)
  • Gnaumgn (A DMN SHN and Professor Prescott-Steed)