MIUC Program June 2012

June 5th
  • Dale Chapman (electronics)
  • Gearoid Brinn (guitars)
  • HAARK, AKA, Mat Blackwell (the universe)
June 12th
  • Atle Nymo (reeds)
  • Eivind L√łnning (trumpet)
  • Haavard Wiik (keyboard)
  • Ole Morten Vaagan (contra bass)
  • Hakon Mjaset Johansen (drumkit)
  •  Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (voice)
  • Alexander Garsden (guitar)
  • Casey Moir (voice)
  • David Brown (guitar)
  • Johan Moir (trumpet)
June 19th
  •  Paul Wain (turntables)
  • Mitchell Brennan (laptop) and Nic Tammens (guitar)
  • Heilsgechichte, featuring: Kevin CK Lo (violin, guitar, detritus, miscellanea) and Trent Brown (drums, keyboards, etc) 
June 26th
  • Werner Dafeldecker (Berlin) (live sample and tape delay) and Sean Baxter (percussive junk)
  • Death By Cones, featuring: Mark Groves (brutal junk metal and electronic noise/Hartke amp), Nik Kennedy (brutal oral noise/Warwik amp), Tom Miller (brutal motor noise/Toilet amp) and Mark Skelton (brutal slut noise/Peavey amp)
  • Rod Cooper (the lowrider and motorised strings) and Leith Thomas (leverage)