MIUC Program December 2014

December 2nd

  • Astral Flight feat. James Alexander Dean (Synthesisers), Sam Filmer (Modular Synthesisers), Evan Carr (Sampling, Reel to Reel, Synthesisers) & Peter James (Oscillators, Synthesisers)
  • Little Desert feat. Esther Rivers (Voice), Roman Tucker (Keys, Bass Synthesiser), Mick Beard (Guitar) & Ash Wyatt (Percussion)
  • Dave Coen (Electronics) & Keith Clancy (Synthesiser, Electronics)

December 9th

  • Whitehell feat. Pete Hyde (Voice), Sean Hinds (Guitar), Brent Stegeman (Guitar), Peter Dupree (Bass), Dave Coen (Electronics), Scott Viney (Drums), Dylan Walker (Hellish Noise), Spencer Hazard (Hellish Noise), David Bland (Hellish Noise) & Brandon Brown (Hellish Noise)
  • SxSxSx feat. Sean Baxter (Percussion), Stevie Richards (Sax) & Steve Law (Synth)
  • Full of Horse (as per Whitehell: Full of Hell vs. Whitehorse)
  • Tchake feat. Josten Myburgh (Electronics), Michael McNab (Percussion) & Mr. Government (Guitar)

December 16th

  • Robbie Avenaim (Typewriter, Electrointerventions)
  • Michael Candy (Electronics)
  • Psychward Cult feat. Clement Young (Percussion), Haggard Chris (Trash Can), Thomas M. Miller (Trumpet), Nadia Ramirez (Bass), Jimmi (Guitar) & The Spirit of Shaun South (Synth)

December 29th (Yes this is on a Monday, not a typo!)

  • Tonsstarsbandht [USA] feat. Andy White (Guitar, Voice) & Edwin White (Drums, Voice)
  • Sharryn Koppens (Electronics), Llara Goodall (Electronics), Nissa Pissa (Drums, Voice) & Anne-Lise (Voice)
  • Bum Creek feat. Trev Clay (Eep), Tarquin Manek (Opp) & Sam Karmel (Ork)