MIUC Program December 2012

December 4th

  • A Scratch Ensemble - Dave Brown (edification), Connal Parsley (edification), Helen Grogan (edification), Nathan Gray (edification), Francis Plagne (edification), Joe Talia (edification), Jared Davis (edification), Others.

December 11th
  • Fjorn Butler (Electronics) & Cooper Bowman (Electronics)
  • Nothinghunger aka Jael Edwards (Electronics)
  • Justin K. Fuller (Electronics)

December 18th
  • Sean Baxter (Drums), Gearoid Brinn (Guitar), Dave Brown (Guitar)
  • Angus Leslie (Voice), James Pankhurst (Double Bass) & Jenny Barnes (Voice) 
  • FUCKED - Robbie Avenaim (666BPM), Nik Kennedy (Blastgargling), Lloyd Honeybrook (Howls ov the Feedbax)

December 25th

MIUC 15th Birthday Festival will run on January 15,  22 and 29 2013

MIUC Program November 2012

November 6th

  • Holy Boner, featuring: Nik Kennedy (Bass, Vocals), Brad Smith (Drums, Vocals) and Rod Cooper (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Smash Tennis, featuring: Llara (drumkit and acid free tapes) and Samaan (guitar and acid free tapes)
  • Satyrs, featuring: Jesse Dimmock (Saxophone, synth, drum machine), Alez Glasov (Synth) and Cooper Bowman (Synth)

November 13th

  • Tim Catlin (Bowed and Activated Metals) and Nigel Brown (Deconstructed Accordion)
  • Tim Coster (Modular Synths and Effects)
  • Thugquota, AKA Tarquin Manek (Vox, Sox, Dox, Pox)

November 20th

  • Anthony Magen + Dale Gorfinkel + Matt Chaumont
  • Ben Byrne + Sam Pettigrew
  • Milica Stefanovic (Electric Bass) + Rosalind Hall (Saxophone) + Arek Gulbenkoglu (Snare Drum)

November 27th

  • Brett Evans (tenor & baritone sax), Tom Fryer (guitar), Rory Brown (double bass), Ali Watts (double bass), and Damien Ellis (drumkit)
  • Christopher Young (Horns)
  • Yoann Durant (Soprano Saxophone)

MIUC Program October 2012

October 2nd
  • Abortion Eve, AKA Samuel Miers (one track guitar & household items)
  • Em VĂ©cue Aquieu, AKA Sam Filmer (guitar and contact mic)
  • Mark Skelton (post faggot fluegelhorn) plus Nik Kennedy (Electro-oral Noise)

October 9th

  • Adam Simmons (shakuhachi) and Gela Reh (Iran) (voice and kamanche)
  • Yan Jun (China) (electronics), Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (voice) and Sean Baxter (percussion)
  • Easy Dada featuring: David Gallagher (micro modular and laptop) and Caleb Gallagher (moog source)
October 16th
    • THIS Ensemble, featuring: Matthias Schack-Arnott (percussion), Rebecca Lloyd-Jones (percussion), Anita Hustas (double bass), Jon Heilbron (double bass), Marc Hannaford (electric piano) and Ren Walters (guitar)
    • Cicada(horse), featuring: Julius Millar (Guitar), Christopher Rechner (Guitar) and Vilan Mai (Clarinet)
    • Peter James (analogue and digital electronics)
    October 23rd
    • Sergio Beresovksy (Guitar)
    • Dale Chapman & Tim Paneretos (The Drunken Boat) 
    • Bison Grass, featuring: Aaron Wallace

    October 30th
    • The Angel and Baby Chain, featuring: Adrian Angel (guitar, voice, glass, plastic & electronics), Natasha Vomit (guitar, voice, glass, plastic & electronics), Tony Tot (guitar, voice, glass, plastic & electronics)
    • Musaics, featuring: Mat Blackwell (electronics and contraptions) and John Jacobs (electronics and contraptions)
    • Dave Coen (electronics) and Mark Groves (electronics)