MIUC Program February 2012

February 7

  • Johan Moir (SWE) (trumpet)
  • Mark Skelton (synthesizers and electronics)
  • Theorn Campbell (guitar and electronics) and Dan Crowe (drumkit)

February 14

  • Solo, acoustic voice night, featuring:
  • Emma Bathgate
  • Alice Hui-Sheng Chang
  • Carolyn Connors
  • Casey Moir

February 21

  • Florent Collin (France) (drumkit), Robbie Watt (electronics), Nik Kennedy (voice)
  • Rory Brown (Sydney) (contra bass)
  • NoFukwitz, featuring: Alex Cuffe (homemade instruments and interaction) and Daniel Jenatsch (Berlin) (homemade instruments and interaction)

February 28

  • Magda Mayas (Berlin) (clavinet) and Tony Buck (Berlin) (drumkit)
  • Morgan McWaters, Miles Brown, Mat Watson and Matthew Brown (analogue synthesizers)
  • Casey Moir (voice) and Johann Moir (trumpet)