MIUC Program August 2017

Tuesday August 1st - Recorded by the ABC
  • Robin Fox (Live Processing) & Sean Baxter (Drumkit) 
  • Rod Cooper Solo (Electric metallic idiophone, the Upright Array) & Sarah Byrne (Voice) 
  • Floating Three Stripes - Hextape (Synth, Cello) & Patrick Hase (Synth, Visuals) 

Tuesday August 8th

Poster & Artwork by Nick Carson
  • Emah Fox (Synth/Electronics, Voice) 
  • Koukatsuani (Electronics, Voice) 
  • Slumber Kitty (Guitar, Electronics) 

Tuesday August 15th

  • Andrea Blake, Emma Hart & Ben Taylor - (Synths, Electronics, Voice) 
  • Guerrilla - Josey Kidd-Crowe & Pat O’Brien - (Cacophony using tape loops, electronics) 
  • Psychward - Thomas Miller - (Electronics. Harsh experimental noise) 
  • Baby Gravy - Hana Earles - (Bizarre noise) 

Tuesday August 22nd - Co-presented with Liquid Architecture

image: Fujui Wang, 'Hyper Transmission'
  • Fujui Wang [Taiwan] - HYPER-TRANSMISSION 
  • Sage Pbbbt? [WA] (Voice), Maria Moles (Drums), Josten Myburgh [WA](Electronics) & Michael McNab (Drums) 
  • Hammers Lake - Judith Hamann (Cello) & Carolyn Connors (Voice) with guest drummer Rama Parwata 
  • Snawklor - Nathan Gray & Dylan Martorell - (Live processed miniature junk percussion and synth/sequencer)

Tuesday August 29th - Curated by Fallopian Tunes 

  • Fia Fiell (Synths, Electronics) & Nina Buchanan (Synths, Electronics)
  • Call Me Professor - Errol Green & Nickolas Sullivan (Synths, Electronics, Đàn bầu, Drumkit)
  • Jonnine Nokes (Electronics / Voice / Percussion) & Nick Carson (Guitar / Electronics) 

MIUC Program July 2017

Tuesday July 4th
  • Pateras/Baxter/Brown - Anthony Pateras (Revox), Sean Baxter (Drums) & Dave Brown (Guitar)
  • Mary Rapp [SYD] (Cello) & Erkki Veltheim (Violin)
  • Carolyn Connors (Voice), Sean Baxter (Drums) & Rama Parwata (Drums)
  • Sophie Weston (Flute) & Dominique Chaseling (Flute)

 Tuesday July 11th
  • Blossoming Anus aka Jonnine Nokes (Guitars, Electronics, Voice) 
  • Andrew Cowie (Electronics) & Mark Groves (Electronics)
  • Snacks - Allanah Stewart (Drums), Dale Gorfinkel (Vibraphone), Jennifer Callaway (Synth, Voice) & Laura Altman [SYD] (Clarinet)

Tuesday July 18th - LEAPS AND BOUNDS FEST

    Poster & Artwork by Michael Famularo  Instagram: @g_star-rawr
  • Tramampoline - Gem Falconer (Trampoline, Voice), Nik Kennedy (Electronics, Keys) & Matt Faisandier (Drums)
  • Dale Nason - ISOGRAM (Sonic-Printing Hybrid Action)
  • Daniel Jenatsch (Laptop) & Niharika Senapati (Dance)
  • HARDATA - Scumwitch (Electronics), Nina Buchanan (Electronics) & Emma Misc (Electronics)

Tuesday July 25th
  • Jessie Scott (VHS & more) & Miranda Liebscher (Electronics & more)
  • Tyson Slithers (Computer) & Emily Chen (Scanners)
  • Tina Douglas (Electronics, Objects, Conductive Paint) & Yuka Mikayama (Voice, Objects)

MIUC Program June 2017

Tuesday June 6th

  • Jim Denley (Power Tool Bass Flute), Robbie Avenaim (Drums) & Dale Gorfinkel (Vibraphone, Objects)
  • Tarquin Manek (Bass, Electronics), Rohan Rebeiro (Drums) & Ying-Li Hooi (Voice, Electronics) 
  • Byron Huang-Dean (Everyday Materials and Objects, Microphones, Speakers and Magnetic Tape)

Tuesday June 13th

  • Peter Knight (Trumpet, Electronics) & Reuben Lewis (Trumpet, Electronics) 
  • Clinton Green (Records) & Llara Goodall (Tapes)
  • Maria Moles (Drums, Percussion, Melodica) & Carla Ori (Bass)  

Tuesday June 20th
  • Prism/Mirror/Lens Dave Bullock (Percussion), Allara Pattison (Double Bass), Adam Simmons (Woodwind) & Paul Kidney (Voice)
  • Dave Bullock (Percussion) & Erin Taylor (Drums, Electronics)
  • Outlier Lizzy Welsh (Treble Viol) & Chloë Smith (Violone)

Tuesday June 27th

  • Radio Cegeste (Sally Ann McIntyre) [NZ] (Mini FM Radio Transmitter, Radio Receiver, 78rpm Shellac Records, Theremin, Bat Detector)
  • Bonnie Mercer (Guitar) & Mark Groves (Electronics, Voice)
  • TT SKTLS (Alex Cuffe) (Electronics, Voice) 

MIUC Program May 2017

Tuesday May 2nd

  • Jules Culpan (Electronics)
  • Xian (Electronics)
  • Antediluvian Rocking Horse feat. Susan King (Electronics), Paul Wain (Electronics), and Ollie Olsen (Electronics)

Tuesday May 9th

  • Octave Pussy feat. Nat Grant (Drums, Electronics) & Miranda Fitzgerald (Double Bass)
  • Chaos Magnet feat. Anna Gordon (Saxophone), Charlie Woods (Trumpet) & Alex Roper (Drums)
  • UTI feat. Maya Victoria Kjellstrand (Electronics) & Nina Buchanan (Electronics)

Tuesday May 16th

  • Tina Havelock Stevens [SYD] (aka White Drummer) & Cat Hope (Bass)
  • Jen Tait (Drums), Simon Maisch (Bass) & Pete Bramley (Bass)
  • Milica Stefanovic (Bass) & Leo Kavanagh (Drums)

Tuesday May 23rd

  • Cat Hope (Bass), Pedro Alvarez (Guitar) & Lisa MacKinney (Guitar)
  • Great Rack & an Empty Club Reverb - Emily Bennett (Voice), Michael McNab (Drums), Reuben Lewis (Trumpet) & Adam Halliwell (Guitar)
  • Lena Douglas (Keys), Felix Watson (Trumpet) & Stikki Roder (Guitar)

Tuesday May 30th

  • Dave Coen (Electronics) & Sara Retallick (Electronics, Voice)
  • Keith Clancy (Electronics) & Gillian Lever (Voice)
  • Hanli Sean Botha [SYD] (Guitar, Electronics) & Alice Bennett (Flute, Electronics)

MIUC Program April 2017

April 4th

  • Rabbit Legs feat. Al Dodds (Voice, Keys) & Jules Pascoe (Guitar)
  • Living Currency feat. Travis John (Guitar) & Felix Kleinman (Drums)

April 11th 

  • Aviva Endean (Contrabass Clarinet, Ping Pong) & Justin Marshall (Electronics)
  • Llara Isabell Arena (Tapes, Electronics)
  • Kynan Lawlor (Guitar), Scott O'Hara (Guitar) & Jyden Lawlor (Drums)
  • I.A.I feat. Bree Marchbank (Voice, Keys, Space) & Jessica Tse (Voice, Keys, Space)

April 18th 
  • Noel Meek [NZ] (Electronics), Miranda Liebscher (Electronics, Voice) & Llara Isabell Arena (Drums, Electronics)
  • Robbie Avenaim (Percussives), Finn Ryan [SYD] (Drums) & Mimi Kind [SYD] (Handmade Instruments)
  • Dave Brown (Guitar) & Carmen Chan (Percussion)

April 25th 

  • Intrinsic Light feat. A Demon Sheen (Tantric Riffage, Blackened Throat) & Zen Tait (Pranic Percussions, Benevolent Blast)
  • Wankoslop feat. Nik Kennedy (Electro-Oral Noise) & Yuka Mikayama (Voice)
  • Xenosine aka Vijay Thillaimuthu (Synths, Electronics) & Phantom Graveller aka Kerrie Farnsworth (Theremin, Sax, Electronics)

MIUC Program March 2017

March 7th

  • Julius Schwing [TAS] (Guitar, Electronics) & Myles Mumford (Guitar, Electronics)
  • Vilan Mai (Electronics) & Chris Rechner (Guitar)
  • Lauren Mullarvey (Saxophone), Alex Roper (Percussion), Andre Lobanov (Double Bass) & Louis King (Guitar)

March 14th 

  • Stuart Grant (Electronics, Voice) & Wade Black (Electronics, Voice)
  • Hextape aka Eli Chappell (Cello, Electronics)
  • Null Buttfacesis aka Elaine Carter (Electronics) & Afterbirth aka Kama Way (Voice)

March 21st co-curated with Tonelist Records
  • Sage Pbbbt [WA] (Voice), Lenny Jacobs [WA] (Drums), Dan O'Connor [WA] (Trumpet), Aviva Endean (Clarinet), Simon Charles (Electronics) & Nat Grant (Percussion, Electronics)
  • Josten Myburgh [WA] (Electronics), Jameson Feakes [WA] (Guitar), Emily Bennett (Voice) & Cheryl Durongpisitkul (Trumpet)
  • Sage Pbbbt (Voice) & Nat Grant (Percussion, Electronics)

March 28th 

  • Taipan Tiger Girls feat. Ollie Olsen (Synth, Electronics), Lisa MacKinney (Guitar, Organ), Mat Watson (Drums) & Cat Hope (Bass)
  • Sage Pbbbt [WA] (Voice), Bridgette Baini (Guitar) & Scott Viney (Drums)
  • The Sweethearts feat. Nissa Finney-Lai (Sheer Unadulterated Brutality), JJ (Bass), Nathan (Guitar) & Tony Pearson (Drums)

MIUC Program February 2017

February 7th

  • Jerome Noetinger [FRA] (Tape, Electronics) & Anthony Pateras (Electronics, Objects)
  • Rohan Drape (Electronics)
  • Jenny Barnes (Voice)

February 14th curated by Ari Sharp

  • Nunsploitation feat. Harriet Morgan (Electronics, Voice) & John Stevens (Electronics, Voice)
  • TOMB RAVER (Electronics)
  • Infinite Children Dust feat. Sha She (Babies), Sebastian Bertolli Bean (Babies) & Micky Wishes (Babies)

February 21st
  • The Bob Loblaw Mob feat. Loretta Wilde (Bass), Adam Halliwell (Guitar), Maria Moles (Drums), Anna Gordon (Sax) & Lloyd Honeybrook (Sax)
  • Chloe Smith (Viole) & Lizzy Welsh (Viol)
  • Christian Windfeld (Percussion) & Reuben Lewis (Trumpet)

February 28th 

  • Hikashu [JPN] feat. Koichi Makigami (Voice, Bass, Cornet, Theremin), Freeman Mita (Guitar, Sampler), Masami Sakaide (Bass, Laptop), Kazuto Shimizu (Keys, Bass Clarinet) & Masaharu Sato (Percussion, Voice, Electronics)
  • Sex On Toast feat. Angus Leslie (Guitar, Voice, EOMSA), Zak Pidd (Voice, Snead), James "Gavin" Bowers (Keys, Water Bottle Flip), Gareth Thomson (All Star but it's just Drums and Completely Improvised) & Marty Holoubek (Bass) 
  • Hikashex No Tust (All of the above)

MIUC 19th Birthday Festival January 2017

January 3rd

  • Karen Power [IRL] (Electronics)
  • Judith Hamann (Cello) & Sophia Brous (Voice)
  • Maria Moles (Drums, Tape) & Lloyd Honeybrook (Wetsax)
January 10th curated by Ari Sharp

  • Ercha feat. Erin Taylor (Drums, Electronics) & Sorcha Wilcox (Guitar, Electronics)
  • Miranda Liebscher (Electronics) & Toby Brodel (Electronics)
  • Slumber Kitty (Guitar, Electronics)
January 17th

  • Lisa MacKinney (Organ), Roman Tucker (Organ), Adam Halliwell (Guitar, Electronics) & Maria Moles (Drums)
  • James Rushford (Strings) & Sean Baxter (Skins, Things)
  • Colostomy Boner? feat. John Stevens (Voice, Electronics), Wayne Donovan (Voice), Nik Kennedy (Electro-Oral Noise), Brad Smith (Drums) & Rod Cooper (Handmade Shreddery)
  • Toecutter (Voice, Electronics, Manifestations)

January 24th

  • Miles Brown (Theremin, Electronics), Lord Fascinator (DG-20 Synth Guitar), Chela (Voice), Kirin J Callinan (Guitar, Voice), Mitch McGregor (Percussion) & Vincent Vendetta (Bass)
  • RHRR [FRA] feat. Guylaine Cosseron (Voice), Xavier Charles (Clarinet) & Fréderic Blondy (Keys)
  • Joel Stern (Frequencies) & Dylan Martorell (Electropercussives)
  • Nat Grant (Drums) & James Hullick (Guitar, Voice, Electronics)

    January 31st
  •  Irene Kepl [AUT] (Violin), Aviva Endean (Woodwinds) & Sabina Maselli (Sonics)
  •  Christian Meaas Svendsen [NOR] (Double Bass), Brigid Burke (Bass Clarinet) & Jenny Barnes (Voice)
  • Dale Gorfinkel (Finkelphonics) & Matthias Schack-Arnott (Percussion)
  •  MIUC Curators Big Band feat. Ren Walters (Guitar), Belinda Woods (Flute), Rod Cooper (Handmade Amazement), Sean Baxter (Percussion), Kerrie Farnsworth (Saxophone) & Lloyd Honeybrook (Saxophone)