MIUC Program December 2017

Tuesday December 5th
  • Muze - Bernadette Zeilinger (AT) (Contrabass Recorder and other flutes) & Diego Muné (AR/AT) (Guitar)
  • Stevie Richards & Ollie Olsen (Buchla Music Easels)
  • UBOA - Solo project of Xandra Metcalfe (Harsh/Drone/Musique Concrete)

Tuesday December 12th

  • Clinton Green (Bowls)/Barnaby Oliver (Violin) - Minimalist found object raga.
  • ERST - Alice Bennett (Flute)/Miranda Liebscher (Electronics)/Carla Ori (Bass/Percussion)/Lara Goodall (Percussion/Electronics)/Nat Grant (Drums)/Maria Moles (Drums)
  • Josten Myburgh (Electronics)/Jameson Feakes (Guitar)/Djuna Lee (Double Bass) 

Tuesday December 19th - End of Year Party

                                    Artwork by Marisa Matear
  • R.A.E.D
  • Milquebarth [TAS]
  • Robin Fox Disco Set
  • GlamouRatz
  • Tombraver/Ava Lum
  • Tramstein