MIUC Program January 2013

January 7th
  • Crys Cole [CAN] (Electronics), James Rushford (Miscellany) & Callum G'Froerer (Trumpet)
  • Nat Grant (Percussion, Electronics), Maya Victoria Kjellstrand (Cassette Players) & Emma Albury (Voice, Synth, Flute)
  • Marco Fusinato (Guitar, Electronics) & Nic Tammens (Guitar, Electronics)
  • Peter Knight (Trumpet, Electronics) & Lloyd Honeybrook (Saxophone, Electronics)

January 14th

  • Sally McIntyre [NZ] (FM transmitter & receivers, turntable, field recordings, bat detector & shortwave valve radio) & Joel Stern (Bits and Pieces of Nothing)
  • Casey Moir [SE] (Voice), Johan Moir [SE] (Trumpet), Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Voice) & Nigel Brown (Accordion)
  • Andrew Cowie (Guitar) & Evelyn Morris (Piano, Percussion)
  • James McLean (Percussion), Alastair McLean (Guitar) & Jenny Barnes (Voice)

January 21st

  • Jean-Philippe Gross [FR] (Electronics) & Sean Baxter (Percussion)  
  • Alex Garsden (Guitar) & Erkki Veltheim (Violin)
  • Ben Byrne (Electronics) & Rosalind Hall (Saxophone)
  • Simon Karis (Electronics) Pete Bramley (Electronics) & Peter James (Electronics)

January 28th

  • Anthea Caddy [DE] (Cello) & Nik Kennedy (Voice)
  • Ben Vida [US] (Modular Synth) & Mat Watson (Synthi AKS)
  • Viv Corringham [UK] (Voice) & Dave Brown (Guitar)     
  • Kris Wanders (Saxes), Slawek Janicki (Double Bass), Brett Evans (Saxes), Damien Ellis (Drums) & Jude Russel (Korg)

MIUC Program December 2013

December 3rd
  • Erebis (Double Bass), Reuben Lewis (Trumpet) & Ronny Ferella (Drums)
  • Bükkake Brothers feat. Eric Demetriou (Din) & Travis John (Hubbub)
  • Fad feat. Kinlay Denning (01101101 01110101 01110011 01101001 01100011), James Ellis (01110011 01101111 01110101 01101110 01100100) & Errol Green (01101110 01101111 01101001 01110011 01100101)

December 10th

  • Crude feat. Matt Middleton (Sound)
  • Fluorescent Cacophony feat. Julius Millar (Guitar)
  • Maria Moles (Drums) & Adam Halliwell (Guitar)

December 17th

  • 3 sets with the Stutter Big Band

    Adam Simmons
    Alex Garsden (Strings)
    Aviva Endean (Reeds)
    Christopher LG Hill (Voice)
    Emma Albury (Voice)
    James Rushford (Strings)
    JK Fuller (Electronics)
    Joe Talia (Percussion)
    Judith Hamann (Strings)
    Maya-Victoria Kjellstrand (Electronics) 
    Sean Baxter
    Sophie Brous (Voice)
    Stephen Richards (Electronics)
    Tarquin Manek (Percussion)

MIUC Program November 2013

November 5th
  • James Rushford (Keyboard) & Joe Talia (Electronics)
  • Bum Creek (           ,                 &          )
  • Sean Baxter (Percussion), Mitchell Brennan (Electronics) & Erkki Veltheim (Strings)
  • Galway feat. Carey Knight (Tapes, Electronics) & Llara Goodall (Tapes, Electronics)
  • Reuben Lewis (Trumpet), Geoff Hughes (Guitar) & Ronny Ferella (Drums)

November 12th

  • Klaus Filip (AT) (Laptop) & Rosalind Hall (Reeds)
  • Dave Brown (Guitar)
  • Georgie Darvidis (Voice) & Jenny Barnes (Voice)

November 19th

  • Tim Catlin (Infinite Zither) & Barnaby Oliver (Zither & Violin)
  • Llara Goodall (Tapes, Electronics) & Kyli Goodall (Tapes, Electronics)
  • Tim McNeill (Guitar)

November 26th

  • Oceans (TAS) feat. Jordan Marson (Tapes, Guitar, Casiotone)
  • Yuko Kono (Guitar)
  • Mark Groves (Voice, Electronics)

MIUC Program Rocktober 2013

Rocktober 1st
  • Spider Goat Canyon
  • The Euphoriacs
  • Wicked City

Rocktober 8th

  • Keith!Party with DJ 2
  • Pikelet
  • Atarangi vs. Raceless

Rocktober 15th

  • Agonhymn
  • Cocks Arquette
  • Hotel Wrecking City Traders & Drooling Mystics

Rocktober 22nd

  • DEAD
  • Wanderlust
  • Exhaustion

Rocktober 29th

  • Zond
  • Occult Blood
  • The Angel and Baby Chain

MIUC Program September 2013

September 3rd
  • Golden Fur feat. Sam Dunscombe (Bass Clarinet), Judith Hamann (Cello) & James Rushford (Viola)
  • Marco Fusinato (Guitar & Electronics) & Robin Fox (Electronics)
  • Frances Plagne (Sound)

September 10th

  • Bonnie Mercer (Guitar) & Toby Matthews (Guitar)
  • Sean Baxter (Percussion), Pete Hyde (Throat) & Chris Nylstoch (Guitar)
  • Brian O'Dwyer (Drums), Gelareh Pour (Kamanche & Voice) & Shiro Mu (Butoh)

September 17th

  • Sam Dunscombe (Clarinet & Analogue/Digital Synthesis)
  • Warren Burt (Voice & Electronics)
  • Hammers Lake feat. Carolyn Connors (Voice), Judith Hamann (Cello) & Peter Neville (Percussion)

September 24th

  • Miles Brown (Theremin & Electronics)
  • Ceri Hann (Electronics)
  • Be Nice To Us feat. Aki (Guitar & Voice), Nayuto (Guitar & Voice) & Paul (Drums)

MIUC Program August 2013


August 6th
  • Juan Parra (Guitar), Clinton Green (Guitar) & Dave Brown (Guitar)
  • Angus Leslie (Guitar) & Louis King (Guitar)
  • Samaan Fieck (Sonics)

August 13th

  • Sam Dunscombe (Clarinet), Aviva Endean (Clarinet) and Vilan Mai (Clarinet)
  • No FUCKWIT feat. Daniel Jenätsch, Alex Cuffe & Jule Vincent (Invented Folk Instruments, Industrial Detritus, Drums)
  • Simon Charles (Saxophone, Laptop)

August 20th

  • Christopher Young (Reeds) & Tom Fryer (Guitar)
  • Callum G'Froerer (Trumpet), Tristram Williams (Trumpet) & Reuben Lewis (Trumpet)
  • Shallow aka  John Stevens (Electronics)

August 27th 

  • Carolyn Connors (Voice), Dave Tolley (Bass Violin) & Scott Tinkler (Trumpet)
  • Joel Stern (Devices) & Rod Cooper (Creations)
  • James McLean (Drums)

MIUC Program July 2013

July 2nd
  • Sooterkin Flesh (Brutality) 
  • Adam McFillin (Guitar & Laptop) & Sasha Margolis (Synthesiser & Sampler)
  • Scissorman feat. Christopher de Groot (Bass Flute & Electronics) & Callum Moncrieff (Vibraphone & Percussion)

July 9th

  • Unaustralians feat. Chris Nylstoch (Guitar) & Bonnie Hart (Voice & Drum Machine)
  • Gearoid Brinn (Guitar) & Barnaby Oliver (Violin & Guitar)
  • Tim Panaretos (Electric Bouzouki)

July 16th

  • Jon Rose (Violins), Matthias Schack-Arnott (Percussion) & Sam Pankhurst (Double Bass)
  • Peter Knight (Trumpet), Joe Talia (Percussion), Brett Thompson (Guitar) & Matthias Schack-Arnott (Percussion)
  • Ben Harrison (Trumpet) & Brae Grimes (Trumpet)

July 23rd 

  • Steve Law (Synthesiser)
  • Simon Karis (Sampler & Electronics) & Carolyn Schofield (Keys, Violin & Electronics)
  • Drooling Mystics (Synthesiser & Electronics)

July 30th
  • Cycle 440 feat. Kevin Penkin (Keyboard) & Sam Gillies (Electronics) 
  • Pewter Snake Necklace (Modular Electronics)

MIUC Program June 2013

June 4th
  • Shane van den Akker (noise)
  • Complexe feat. Peter James & James A. Dean (sound)
  • Heilsgeschichte feat. Kevin CK Lo & Trent Brown (aktions)

June 11th

  • Reuben Lewis (Trumpet), Geoff Hughes (Guitar) and Ronny Ferella (Drums)
  • Self Saucing Pudding feat. Kerrie Farnsworth (Tenor Saxophone) and Mark Skelton (Synth)
  • Chubby Cheecker (Bass & Drums)

June 18th

  • 3 sets with The Phonetic Orchestra

    Jon Heilbron (Bass)
    Ida Duelund Hansen (Bass)
    Matthias Schack-Arnott (Percussion)
    Jon Smeathers (Electronics)
    Reuben Lewis (Trumpet)
    Callum G'Froerer (Trumpet)
    Brett Thompson (Guitar)
    James McLean (Drums)
    Giles Warren (Guitar)
    Tom Stewart-Toner (Guitar)
    Jenny Barnes (Voice)
    Sam Hall (Drums)

June 25th 

  • Kasper T Toeplitz
  • Dirk Dresselhaus
  • feat. Andrew Brooks (Saxophone) and Kynan Tan (Laptop)

MIUC Program May 2013

May 7th

  • Mattin (BSQ) (sound)
  • Joel Stern (Bris) (sound)
  • Cured Pink (Bris) (sound)

May 14th

  • The Andy Sugg - Kris Wanders Unit presents "The Buddy Boldon Project" feat. Andy Sugg (Tenor Sax), Kris Wanders (Tenor Sax), Tom Freyer (Guitar), Ali Watts (Bass), and Danny Fischer (drumkit)
  • David Palliser (acoustics)
  • Alex Cuffe  (sound and light)

May 21st
  • Marty Holoubek (Bass) + Brenton Foster (Keyboard)
  • Joe O'Connor (Rhodes) and James Bowers (Rhodes)
  • Petrichor feat. Alexina Hawkins (Viola), Rowan Hamwood (Flute) & Jessica Fotinos (Harp)

May 28th
  • Merge Into Stripes (A D MacHine and Bendy Hack)
  • HAARK (A Demon Sheen)
  • Gnaumgn (A DMN SHN and Professor Prescott-Steed)

MIUC Program April 2013

April 2nd
  • Louis Burdett (Genius)
  • Brett Thompson (Guitar) & Ren Walters (Guitar)
  • Kevin CK Lo (Violinparatus & Implements)

April 9th 
  • Sooterkin Flesh feat. Troy Norfolk, Jason Van Den Boogert & Kristian Schäfer (Synthesisers, Samples, Tape Loops, Cassette Players, Turntable, Toys, Radio, Television, Metal Pipes, Drills, Strings)
  • Porpoise Torture (Electronics)
  • Lloyd Honeybrook (Hate Sax)

April 16th
  • Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Voice), Nigel Brown (Modified Accordion) & Rohan Rebeiro (Drums)
  • The Cross Brothers feat. Dan Cross (Guitar) & Patrick Cross (Guitar)
  • Stre4m feat. Paddy Gordon, Scott McCulloch & Conor O'Hanlon (Guitar, Bass, Voice, Dictaphones, Drum Kit & Fiddle)

April 23rd
  • Alexander Rishaug (NO) (Laptop)
  • NyquistX feat. Vijay Thillaimuthu (Modular Synthesiser) & Sam Price (Drums, Electronics)
  • Robert McDougall (Sound)

April 30th
    • Gelareh Pour (Kamanche, Voice), HakGwai Lau (Erhu) & Phil Coyle (Tabla)
    • Street Cred feat. Mitch Mollison (Electronics), Sarah Galdes (Drums) & Paris Favilla (Voice)
    • The Secret Tomb feat. Carey Knight (Guitar) & Ledong Kvelin (Sax, Radio, Voice)

    MIUC Program March 2013

    March 5th

    • Robin Fox and Marco Fusinato 
    • Hotel Wrecking Susie Goners
    • Garth Paine (USA)
    • Fontaine

    March 12th

    • Magda Mayas (DE), Anthea Caddy & Sean Baxter
    • Matthias Schubert (DE)
    • Thembi Soddell
    • Passenger of Shit & Nik Kennedy

     March 19th
    • Jaap Blonk (NL)
    • Pete Hyde, Christopher LG Hill, Angus Leslie, Jenny Barnes, Benjamin Harrison, Loretta Wilde and Zak Pidd
    • Sophia Brous & Gian Slater

    March 26th
      • Mike Cooper (IT) & Dean Roberts
      • Mike Cooper (IT) & Rod Cooper
      • Mike Cooper (IT) & Trevelyan Clay
      • Mike Cooper (IT) & Ian Wadley

      MIUC Program February 2013

      February 5th

      •  Abaetetuba (Brazil) feat. Rodrigo Couve Montoya (Shamisen and Acoustic Guitar), Renato Meganha (Reeds and Double Bass), Thomas Rohrer (Reeds and Rabeca), Yedo Gibson (Reeds) and Antonio Panda Gianfratti (Percussion)
      • Corey Fogel (USA) (Drums)
      • Dale Gorfinkel (Percussives) and Peter Farrer (Syd) (Saxophone)

      February 12th

      • Battlesnake
      • Theorn Campbell, Jon Perring and Eliot McTavish
      • Todd Anderson-Kunert

       February 19th
      • Clinton Green and Barnaby Oliver
      • Ryan Granger and Tom Baker
      • Council of Elders

      February 26th
      • Tony Buck (DE) and Magda Mayas (DE) 
      • Sophia Brous, Evelyn Morris and Shags Chamberlain 
      •  Erkki Veltheim, Scott McConnachie and Matthias Schack-Arnott

      MIUC Program January 2013

      Make It Up Club 15th Birthday Festival, January 2013

      January 15th
      • Philippe Petit (France) and Shoeb Ahmad (Canberra)
      • Bum Creek vs. Wife feat. Trevelyan Clay, Sam Karmel, Tarquin Manek, Samaan Fieck and Eric Demetriou
      • Edryan Hakim, Emma Albury, Carolyn Connors and Alex Garsden
      • Death By Cones feat. Nik Kennedy, Phillip Holquinn, Mark Groves and Mark Skelton
      • Ren Walters, James Mclean, Scott McConnachie, Brett Evans and Christopher Young

      January 22nd
      • Crys Cole (Canada), James Rushford and Joe Talia
      • Oren Ambarchi and Brendan Walls (Sydney)
      • Anthea Caddy (Berlin), Erkki Veltheim and Francis Plagne
      • Antediluvian Rocking Horse
      • Gearoid Brinn, Peter Knight and Gareth Thomson

      January 29th

      • Bucketrider feat. Tim O'Dwyer (Singapore), James Wilkinson (Singapore), Adam Simmons, Dave Brown and Sean Baxter
      • Charles Ives Singers with Mani Neumeier (Germany), Paul Kidney and Don Rogers
      • Steve Heather (Germany), Jeff Henderson (New Zealand), Rod Cooper and John Jacobs
      • Joel Stern (Brisbane) and Dean Roberts (New Zealand)
      • Steven Richards, Mitchell Brennan, Fjorn Butler and Cooper Bowman