MIUC 20th Anniversary Festival 9-30 January

In January 2018, Make It Up Club turns 20!

To celebrate this, we are organising an extra special month of concerts each Tuesday from the 9th - 30th of January.

A key aim of MIUC is to facilitate inter-regional collaborations between diverse performers and idioms with a focus on enabling established and emerging artists to develop musical relationships and experiences by performing in adventurous improvised contexts.

This curatorial philosophy is at the heart of the 20th Birthday Festival and we are now excited to announce the lineup for this very special occasion!


  • Tom Fryer / Dave Brown / Chris Rainier
  • Super Occult Cosmophon [TAS] - Julia Drouhin / Pip Stafford 
  • Nat Grant / Sarah Galdes [US/AU] / Mat Watson
  • Scott McConnachie / Ren Walters 
  • Jim Denley [NSW] / Stevie Richards / Erin Taylor / Matthias Schack-Arnott
  • Elizabeth Millar [CA/AU] / Craig Pedersen [CA] / Belinda Woods 
  • Byron Scullin / Carolyn Connors 
  • Rod Cooper / Ari Sharp / Nik Kennedy / Maz Benjamas / Kerrie Farnsworth
  • Toecutter [NSW] / Bridget Chappell / Aloysious Falcon aka Gem Falconer 
  • Umbilical Tentacle / Curse Ov Dialect / Emile Zile 
  • Judith Hamann [US/AU] / Bonnie Lander [US] / Clare Cooper [NSW]
  • Anthony Pateras [DE/AU] / Rohan Drape / Anthony Burr [US]
  • Ned Collette [DE/AU] / Joe Talia [JP/AU] / Lizzy Welsh / James Rushford / Alex Garsden / Aviva Endean 
  • Mette Rasmussen [NO] + special guest
  • The MirrorUnit - Tim O'Dwyer [SG/AU] / Georg Wissel [DE]
  • Robin Fox / Romy Seven / Sage Pbbbt / Sean Baxter / Phil Bywater 
  • Nicola Morton [NSW] / Matt Earle [NSW] / Fjorn Butler / Naretha Williams 
  • Steve Heather [DE/AU] / Maria Moles / Reuben Lewis / Lucas Abela [NSW]
  • The Band Presents
  • Occult Blood / Ghouns

MIUC Program December 2017

Tuesday December 5th
  • Muze - Bernadette Zeilinger (AT) (Contrabass Recorder and other flutes) & Diego MunĂ© (AR/AT) (Guitar)
  • Stevie Richards & Ollie Olsen (Buchla Music Easels)
  • UBOA - Solo project of Xandra Metcalfe (Harsh/Drone/Musique Concrete)

Tuesday December 12th

  • Clinton Green (Bowls)/Barnaby Oliver (Violin) - Minimalist found object raga.
  • ERST - Alice Bennett (Flute)/Miranda Liebscher (Electronics)/Carla Ori (Bass/Percussion)/Lara Goodall (Percussion/Electronics)/Nat Grant (Drums)/Maria Moles (Drums)
  • Josten Myburgh (Electronics)/Jameson Feakes (Guitar)/Djuna Lee (Double Bass) 

Tuesday December 19th - End of Year Party

                                    Artwork by Marisa Matear
  • R.A.E.D
  • Milquebarth [TAS]
  • Robin Fox Disco Set
  • GlamouRatz
  • Tombraver/Ava Lum
  • Tramstein

      MIUC Program November 2017

      Tuesday November 7th - CURATED BY BRIDGET CHAPPELL

      • waterhouse + Jack (Ambiclassical and Synth Glitch)
      • Horse Macgyver + Jannah Quill (Drum machines & Intrigue)
      • coral ceto (Lush Ambient Luxury Drone)

      Tuesday November 14th

      • Stinky Picnic - Ponky Pie Pea (Vocals and Keyboard) / A Demon Sheen (Guitar and Backing Vocals)
      • Lou S & Hanna Jenkin (Electronics, Synths)
      • Germlock aka Eric Demetriou (Vocals, Electronics, Regret, Stanislavski)
      • Street Furniture aka Christopher LG Hill (Concrete, Drone, Industrial, Pastoral, Ambient)

      Tuesday November 21st - CURATED BY RAMA PARWATA
      • Tim Pledger (Saxophone) & Sean Baxter (Drums, Percussion)
      • Robbie Avenaim (Drums, Percussion) & Mick Power (Guitar, Electronics)
      • Belinda Woods (Flute), Angus Leslie (Guitar) & Rama Parwata (Drums, Percussion)

      Tuesday November 28th - DEATH BY CONES in 3 Sets - Vocal/Synth/Noise

      • Vocal - Gem Falconer / Terry Vainoras / Shane Van Den Akker / Sarah Byrne
      • Synth - Erin K Taylor / Steve Law / David Coen / Emma Hart
      • Noise - Nik Kennedy / Bonnie Mercer / John Stevens / Mark Groves

          MIUC Program October 2017

          Tuesday October 3rd 

            • Decide Today[USA]/Evolve 23 [USA] - Decide Today - Cincinnati post-REALICIDEanarcho breakcore & Evolve 23 - conscious hiphop, Realicide Youth Records collaboration
            • unique oil free air [BRIS] - (Adam Park, solo harsh noise using pedals mini analog synths and cassette player)
            • Seychelles (Voice, Electronics) - Solo performance from Grace Anderson
            • DF0:BAD vs. Rainbow Vomit And Cum Bubbles - (Oscillating, Circuit Bent Gear,  Speak and Spells and Harsh Noises)

          Tuesday October 10th - SACRED ORDER OF MAGNITUDE IN 3 SETS:

          • Richie Cyngler and Nat Grant
          • Intrinsic Light
          • Sacred Order of Magnitude

          Matt :: Puredata Xenharmonics
          Jodie Clark :: Guitar + Incorrect Pedals + The Universe
          Nat Grant :: Acoustic Improv + Post Processing
          Richie Cyngler :: Cocoquantus
          Jen Tait :: Found Objects + Enthusiastic Timing
          A Demon Sheen :: Guitar + Humility
          Shane Van Den Akker :: Vocals + Ink and Light
          Jen Callaway :: Vocals + Analogue Synth + Percussive Objects
          Tina Douglas :: 3D Sensors + Conductive Fabric
          Vijay Thillaimuthu :: Modular Synthesis + Theremin
          Travis Jekks Taylor :: Microtonal Guitar
          Andras Bubics :: Nintendo 3DS + Impeccable Dress Sense
          Rob Curulli :: Micro Modular Synth
          Nik Kennedy :: Pedal array + Microphone

          Tuesday October 17th
            • Yoshitake EXPE [JPN] (Guitar) & Maria Moles (Drums, Percussion)
            • Kouhei Harada [JPN] (Max/MSP), Mitsuaki Matsumoto [JPN] (Prepared-Biwa) & Shohei Sasagawa [JPN] (Max/Jitter)
            • Vanessa Tomlinson [BRIS] (Percussion) & Dave Brown (Prepared Guitar)

          Tuesday October 24th - CURATED BY ERIN TAYLOR

          • Schmac (Bodies, Carrot, Gravel, Undefined Potentialities)
          • Simon Charles & Michael McNab (Wind Gongs and Objects / Captured Percussion)
          • Erin Taylor & Ogemdi Ude (Percussion, Visuals, Feedback, Movement)

          Tuesday October 31st

          • Amplified Elephants: Teagan Connor, Jay Euesden, Chelsea Michelle, Daniel Munnery, Robyn McGrath, Helen Kruljac, Megan Hunter
          • Nat Grant & Robbie Avenaim (Double Drums, Junk, Electronics)
          • Erkki Veltheim (Strings, Percussion, Noise) & Sabina Maselli (Voice, Images, Sounds, Processing)

                MIUC Program September 2017

                Tuesday September 5th

                • Cao Thanh Lan [VN] (Prepared Marxophone, Samplers), Gregor Siedly [AT] (Clarinet), Alice Bennett (Flute) & Ryan Williams (Recorder)
                • David Palliser (Reeds, Loops, Junk,  Broken barn), Emily Bennett (Vox/FX) & Chris Nilstock (Various Instruments)
                • Rohan Drape (Organ/ Synthesiser/Recordings)

                Tuesday September 12th - CURATED BY CURSE OV DIALECT

                • Xenosine aka Vijay Thillaimuthu (Theremin Powered Modular Devastation Machine) & Terry Vainoras (Vocals, Grunts and Sax)
                • Rokkatanski (Vocals) & Il Beliegha aka Adam Gauci (Sounds)
                • Clinton Green (Turntables) & Paul Kidney (Vocals, Pedals)

                Tuesday September 19th
                • Expurgatory - El Bolsa (Drums), George (Guitar), Alexander (Bass, Vocals), Leah (Spoken word), Susan (Noise), Peter (Lyrics)
                • Mildew - Romy Seven (Electronics and Samples) & Mossy 333 (Vocal & Bass)
                • The Convoy - Erin Taylor & Matt Faisandier (Hand bells & ¼” Tape machines)

                Tuesday September 26th - CURATED BY JAMES RUSHFORD

                • Rohan Drape (Organ, Synthesizer), Maria Moles (Drums) and Francis Plagne (Guitar).
                • Victor Meertens (Voice, Tapes, Guitar, Table and Chair with Banner Score).
                • Chloe Smith (Violone) and Vijay Thillaimuthu (Electronics).