MIUC 19th Birthday Festival January 2017

January 3rd

  • Karen Power [IRL] (Electronics)
  • Judith Hamann (Cello) & Sophia Brous (Voice)
  • Maya Victoria Kjellstrand (Tapes, Electronics) & Maria Moles (Drums, Tape)
  • Gem Falconer (Voice, Electronics) & Carly Ellerbock (Voice, Electronics)
January 10th curated by Ari Sharp

  • Ercha feat. Erin Taylor (Drums, Electronics) & Sorcha Wilcox (Guitar, Electronics)
  • Miranda Liebscher (Electronics) & Toby Brodel (Electronics)
  • Slumber Kitty (Guitar, Electronics)
January 17th

  • Lisa MacKinney (Organ), Roman Tucker (Organ) & Adam Halliwell (Guitar, Electronics)
  • James Rushford (Strings) & Sean Baxter (Skins, Things)
  • Colostomy Boner? feat. John Stevens (Voice, Electronics), Wayne Donovan (Voice), Nik Kennedy (Electro-Oral Noise), Brad Smith (Drums) & Rod Cooper (Handmade Shreddery)
  • TBA (Super Secret Special Guest)

January 24th

  • Ingar Zach [NOR] (Percussion) & Dale Gorfinkel (Finkelphonics)
  • RHRR [FRA] feat. Guylaine Cosseron (Voice), Xavier Charles (Clarinet) & Fréderic Blondy (Keys)
  • Joel Stern (Frequencies) & Dylan Martorell (Electropercussives)
  • Nat Grant (Drums) & James Hullick (Percussion)

    January 31st
  •  Irene Kepl [AUT] (Violin), Aviva Endean (Woodwinds) & Sabina Maselli (Sonics)
  •  Christian Meaas Svendsen [NOR] (Double Bass), Brigid Burke (Bass Clarinet) & Jenny Barnes (Voice)
  •  Crys Cole [CAN] (Objects, Contact Mics, Electronics) & Matthias Schack-Arnott (Percussion)
  •  MIUC Curators Big Band feat. Ren Walters (Guitar), Belinda Woods (Flute), Rod Cooper (Handmade Amazement), Sean Baxter (Percussion), Kerrie Farnsworth (Saxophone) & Lloyd Honeybrook (Saxophone)

MIUC Program December 2016

December 6th
  • Louis Burdett [NIM] (Genuisosities) & WDK [SYD] feat. Jannah Quill & Laura Hunt (Light, Water, Electronics, Synth, Drum Machines)
  • Sage Pbbbt [WA] (Voice) & Nat Grant (Percussion, Electronics)
  • Alexander Garsden (Guitar)

December 13th
  • Military Position (Voice, Electronics, Chains)
  • Bead (Electronics)
  • Sow Discord (Electronics, Voice) & COMPLETE (Electronics, Voice)
  • System Body (Electronics)

December 20th
  • MIUC Big Band 2016 Edition feat. Maria Moles (Percussion), Matthias Schack-Arnott (Percussion), Nat Grant (Percussion), Emily Bennett (Voice), Gem Falconer (Voice), Loretta Wilde (Bass), Adam Halliwell (Electric Guitar), Matt Faisandier (Electronics), Llara Goodall (Electronics), Carey Knight (Electronics), Aviva Endean (Woodwinds), Charlie Woods (Trumpet) & Lloyd Honeybrook (Saxophone)

MIUC Program November 2016

November 1st
  • Hexwitch Scumtape feat. Romy Seven (Electronics, Voice) & Eli Chappell (Electronics, Voice)
  • Exotic Snake aka Errol Green (Electronics)
  • Rory Reynolds (Electronics)

November 8th
  • Kooni (Being Amazing), Yuka Mikayama (Being Fabulous), Ove-Naxx (Being Beats/Samples), Rod Cooper (Being Sounds), Nik Kennedy (Being Noise/Processing) & Brad Smith (Being Drums/A Maniac)
  • Freya Schack-Arnott (Cello) & Mindy Wong (Guzheng)
  • Muddy Lawrence aka Reece Prain (Electronics, Voice)
November 15th
  • Joe Talia (Percussion) & Marco Fusinato (Guitar, Electronics)
  • Pete Hyde (Voice), Chris Nylstoch (Guitar) & Sean Baxter (Drums)
  • Francis Plagne (Potentialities), Maria Moles (Percussion) & Anna Gordon (Woodwinds)

November 22nd co-curated by Ari Sharp
  • Menstruation Sisters feat. Nik Kamvissis [SYD] (Voice, Guitar), Brendan Walls [TAS] (Guitar) & Oren Ambarchi (Drums, Voice)
  • Clare Cooper [SYD] (Dan Bau)
  • Sorcha Wilcox (Guitar, Electronics) & Eli Chappell (Voice, Electronics)

November 29th
  • Turret Truck feat. Dave Brown (Guitar, Electronics), Phil Brophy (Drums, Electronics) & Bill McDonald (Bass, Electronics)
  • Aviva Endean (Clarinets) & Rebecca Lane (Quarter-Tone Bass Flute, Concert Flute)
  • Emily Chen (Scanners, Electronics) & Tyson Slithers (Scanners, Electronics)
  • Erin Taylor (Electroacoustic Percussion), Matt Faisandier (Guitar, Electronics), Ari Sharp (Distressed Zincalume), Nik Kennedy (Electro-Oral Noise), Mike Rothwell (Christ-Haunted Drone) & Simon Maisch (Spin Doctor

MIUC Program Rocktober 2016

Rocktober 4th
  • Guantanamo Baywatch [USA] (Liberated Lofigaragecore) + Chastity Belt [USA] (Extemporised Etherealbangers) = CHASTANAMO BELTWATCH [USA/USA] (???)
  • brO (Psychedelicious Densities) feat. neslO kaZ (Guitar, Voice), ffaD (Bass), mraH mraJ (Drums), lekaB nav kciN (Organ) & utS (Flute)
  • Weedy Gonzales (Doomed Bombinating Bassublime)

Rocktober 11th
  • No Waves (Aleatoric Antisurfrock)
  • Ogopogo (Progpop Potentialities)
  • The Night Crash (Textural Techpunk)

Rocktober 18th
  • Tetrahedra (Texturally-fused Techpop)
  • Mares (Postpunk Peregrinations)
  • Dowser (Sabbathian Spontaneities)

Rocktober 25th
  • Kim Salmon, Dave Brown & Myles Mumford (Aethyrealrock Abstractions)
  • Biscotti (Electrodiscopop Extemporisations) 
  • Premium Fantasy (Sonoversal Ecstasies)

MIUC Program September 2016

September 6th

  • Tadzio feat. Leader (Guitar & Voice) & Bucho (Drums)
  • Matt Faisandier (Drums, Electronics & Voice) & Sebastian Berto (Voice, Objects)
  • The Sweethearts (Spontaneous Sludgenoisecore)

September 13th

  • The Rod Cooper Orchestra feat. Meenah Harrison (Handmade Instruments), Tom Sullivan (Handmade Instruments), Kerrie Farnsworth (Handmade Instruments), Clinton Green (Handmade Instruments), Dale Chapman (Handmade Instruments), Brad Smith (Handmade Instruments), Nik Kennedy (Handmade Instruments), Matt Faisandier (Handmade Instruments), Gary Butler (Handmade Instruments), Gearoid Brinn (Handmade Instruments), Todd Anderson-Kunert (Handmade Instruments), Matt Refund (Handmade Instruments), Chris Nylstoch (Handmade Instruments), Ari Sharp (Handmade Instruments), Miranda Liebscher (Handmade Instruments), Paul Kidney (Handmade Instruments), Dylan Martorell (Handmade Instruments), Yuka Mikayama (Handmade Instruments) & Rod Cooper (Handmade Instruments) 

September 21st

  • Paul Wain (Turntables, Electronics) & Clinton Green (Turntables, Objects)
  • Octave Pussy feat. Nat Grant (Drums, Electronics) & Miranda Hill (Double Bass)
  • The Deep Goss feat. Aemon Webb (Guitar, Voice) & Pablo Lopez (Drums)

September 27th

  • Ollie Olsen (Synths), Mat Watson (Drums), Jenny Branagan (Voice, Sound) & Roland Hvlak (Guitar)
  • Sooterkin Flesh (Synths, Sampler, Tape Loops, Cassette Players, Turntables, Toys Radio, Television, Bells, Metal Pipes, Drills, Strings)
  • White Trash Bazooka feat. Romy 7 (Voice, Electronics) & Llod 30 (notsax, Electronics)