MIUC Program August 2016

August 2nd

  • Spasmoslop aka Nik Kennedy (Electro-Oral Noise)
  • Bleach Boys aka Maya Victoria Kjellstrand (Tapes, Electronics)
  • Scumwitch aka Romy Seven (Electronics)

August 9th

  • Kouhei Harada [JPN] (Max MSP) & Mitsuaki Matsumoto [JPN] (Prepared Biwa)
  • Amanda Terry [QLD] (Violin), Timothy Green [QLD] (Percussion) & Simon Charles (Electronics)
  • Carolyn Connors (Voice) & Carmen Chan (Percussion)

August 16th

  • Lovers of the Blackbird feat. Julie Montan (Audial Aethyrealities) & Joseph Foley (Frequential Euphoria)
  • James Rushford (Sonic Superlatives)
  • Absent Outfit feat. Tim Coster (Keyboards, Electronics) & Matthew P. Hopkins (Tapes, Electronics)

August 23rd

  • Sensaround [UK/AUS] feat. Raymond MacDonald (Saxophone), Alister Spence (Rhodes, FX) & Shoeb Ahmad (Guitar, Sampler)
  • Hammers Lake feat. Carolyn Connors (Voice, Objects), Judith Hamann (Cello, Objects) & Maria Moles (Percussion, Objects)
  • Great Rack and an Empty Club Reverb feat. Emily Bennett (Voice, Electronics), Adam Halliwell (Guitar, Electronics) & Maria Moles (Drums)
  • Nikola Mounoud [CH] (Electronics)

August 30th

  • Tim O'Dwyer [SGP] (Woodwinds), Ren Walters (Guitar) & Michael McNab (Drums)
  • Jessica Aszodi (Voice) & Sam Dunscombe (Clarinet)
  • Sooji Kim (Electronics) & Bryan Phillips Galvez (Electronics, Voice)

MIUC Program July 2016

July 5th

  • Feet Teeth [QLD] feat. Paul Young (Drum Kit, Objects), Kate Thomas (Commodore 64, Objects) & Joel Saunders (Trumpet, Electronics)
  • Boyz XIX feat. Ciaran Gheoghegan (Electronics) & Llara Isabell Arena (Tapes, Electronics)
  • Sean Baxter (Percussion) & Rafel Kaczmarek (Percussion)

July 12th

  • Azolla aka Miranda Liebscher (Laptop, Electronics)
  • Fia Fiell aka Carolyn Schofield (Synths, Sampler)
  • Makeda Zucco (Laptop)

July 19th guest curated by Ben Byrne

  • Place Holder [SYD] feat. Laurence Williams (Guitar), Shota Matsumura (Drums), Andrew Fedorovitch (Voice) & John Wilton (Bass)
  • Nadir [SYD/Mel] feat. Alex White (Modular Synth) Ben Byrne (Max/MSP)
  • Jon Watts [SYD] (Electronics)

July 26th

  • Rama Parwata (Drums) & Mick Power (Guitar)
  • Koukatsuani (Electric Guitar) & Oils (Electronics)
  • Alif Dodds (Microkorg, Electronics, Voice) & Benjamin Fleming (Drums)

MIUC Program June 2016

June 7th

  • Lucas 'Granpa' Abela [SYD] (Glass, Throat, Electronics)
  • Jim Denley [SYD] (Woodwinds)
  • Carolyn Connors (Accordion, Voice)

June 14th

  • COMPLETE (Voice, Electronics)
  • System Body (Synth, Electronics)
  • DJ Ball (Drum Machine)

June 21st

  • Mitchell Brennan (Electronics)
  • Lara Soulio (Synth), Jake McMinn (Guitar) & Liam Daly (Guitar)
  • Suzie Zuzek (Guitar, Electronics)

June 28th

  • Roman Tucker (Organ) & Lisa MacKinney (Organ)
  • James Bowers (Keys) & Hudson Whitlock (Percussion)
  • Sabina Maselli (Voice, Objects) & Erkki Veltheim (Electronics)

MIUC Program May 2016

May 3rd curated by (no)signal

  • Kompact Development (Feedback, Electronics)
  • Maria Moles (Percussion, Electronics)
  • Lazer Rae (Objects)
  • Thiggs+ (Audiovisual Electronics)
  • Obscotch (Drum Machine, Electronics)
  • Kate Crawford (Ice, Electronics)

May 10th co-curated by Susan King

  • Origami Roadkill feat. Bonnie Mercer (Guitar), Ollie Olsen (Synth), Andrew Duffield (Synth), Shaunagh Furlong (Percussion), Ema Dunstan (Bass Guitar), James Cain (Bass Guitar), Susan King (Voice, Guitar) & Erick Mitsak (Voice, Triangle)
  • Ollie Olsen (Synth) & Andrew Duffield (Synth)
  • Bonnie Mercer (Guitar)

May 17th 

  • Rully Shabara [IDN] (Voice) & Brad Smith (Drums, Voice)
  • Expurgatory feat. George (Guitar), Jonathan (Guitar), Peter (Bass), Susan (Noise), Leah (Voice), Alexander (Noise, Voice) & El Bolsa (Drums)
  • Milica Stefanovic (Bass) & Sasha Margolis (Sampler)
  • Wade Black (Voice, Electronics) & Stuart Grant (Voice, Electronics)

May 24th

  • Wukir Suryadi [IDN] (Strings, Electronics)
  • Zak Pidd (Voice) & Julian Cue (Voice)
  • Daniel Smith (Synth, Electronics) & Sorcha Wilcox (Guitar, Saxophone)

May 31st

  • Nunique Quartet feat. Brigid Burke (Clarinets, Electronics), Steve Falk (Percussion) Megan Kenny (Flutes) & Charles MacInnis (Trombone, Electronics)
  • David Palliser (Saxophone, Electronics)
  • Leo Kavanagh (Percussion)

MIUC Program April 2016

April 5th

  • Sister feat. Marco Cher-Gibard (Sampler) & Ben Speth (Guitar)
  • GNAUMGN feat. A Demon Sheen (Guitar, Kaos Pads) & David Prescott-Steed (Guitar, Kaos Pads)
  • Tina Douglas (Electronics)

April 12th co-curated by Ok Sure

  • Miles Brown (Theremin, Synth, Electronics)
  • Ok Sure (Synth, Voice, Electronics)
  • Apocalypse Season feat. Dan Michael Jones (Electronics) & Shapathanal (Electronics)

April 19th co-curated by Jem Maloney

  • MoE [NOR] feat. Guro Skumsnes Moe (Bass, Voice, Electronics), Havard Skaset (Guitar, Synth)
  • DEAD feat. Jace Rogers (Bass, Voice) & Jem Maloney (Percussion, Voice, Electronics)
  • Curly Wurm (Absurdities)

April 26th

  • Seth Rees (Guitar) & Ian Wadley (Guitar)
  • Lisa Salvo (Voice) & Scott McConnachie (Guitar)
  • Phoebe Robertson (Trombone), Mia Schoen (Sound) & Marc Regueiro-Mckelvie (Sound)