MIUC Program September 2017

Tuesday September 5th

  • Cao Thanh Lan [VN] (Prepared Marxophone, Samplers), Gregor Siedly [AT] (Clarinet), Alice Bennett (Flute) & Ryan Williams (Recorder)
  • David Palliser (Reeds, Loops, Junk,  Broken barn), Emily Bennett (Vox/FX) & Chris Nilstock (Various Instruments)
  • Rohan Drape (Organ/ Synthesiser/Recordings)

Tuesday September 12th - CURATED BY CURSE OV DIALECT

  • Xenosine aka Vijay Thillaimuthu (Theremin Powered Modular Devastation Machine) & Terry Vainoras (Vocals, Grunts and Sax)
  • Rokkatanski (Vocals) & Il Beliegha aka Adam Gauci (Sounds)
  • Clinton Green (Turntables) & Paul Kidney (Vocals, Pedals)

Tuesday September 19th
  • Expurgatory - El Bolsa (Drums), George (Guitar), Alexander (Bass, Vocals), Leah (Spoken word), Susan (Noise), Peter (Lyrics)
  • Mildew - Romy Seven (Electronics and Samples) & Mossy 333 (Vocal & Bass)
  • The Convoy - Erin Taylor & Matt Faisandier (Hand bells & ¼” Tape machines)

Tuesday September 26th - CURATED BY JAMES RUSHFORD

  • Rohan Drape (Organ, Synthesizer), Maria Moles (Drums) and Francis Plagne (Guitar).
  • Victor Meertens (Voice, Tapes, Guitar, Table and Chair with Banner Score).
  • Chloe Smith (Violone) and Vijay Thillaimuthu (Electronics).