MIUC Program December 2011

December 6th
  • CHILALA, featuring: James McLean (drums/cymbals/junk), Jon Heilbron (prepared double bass), Angus Leslie (Guitar and vocals) and James Bowers (keyboard Instruments)
  • Nela Trifkovic (voice), Kyle Miller (guitars and laptop), and Andrew Harrison (keyboard and pedals)

December 13th
  • Casey Moir (solo voice)
  • Samuel Dunscombe (solo clarinet)

December 20th
  • The Art of Noise: a Futurist tribute, curated by Kerrie Farnsworth and Shane van den Akker, feturing:
  • Dale Nason
  • Rodney Cooper
  • Dan Tucceri
  • Kerrie Farnsworth
  • Shane van den Acker
  • And more!

MIUC is taking a short break over Xmas New Year and will return on Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

MIUC Program November 2011

November 1st

  • THE OTHER, featuring:
  • Carolyn Connors (voice and ukelele)
  • Dur-é Dara (percussion)
  • Tom Fryer (guitars)
  • Tony Hicks (wind instruments)
  • Anita Hustas (bass violin)
  • Adrian Sherriff (trombone and shakuhachi)
  • David Tolley (laptop and electronics)
  • Phil Treloar (marimba)
  • Ted Vining (drumkit)
  • Ren Walters (guitars)

November 8th

  • Laura Altman (clarinet) and Peter Farrar (saxophone)
  • Tobias Brodel (bass guitar, guitar and microphone)
  • Bad Doctor, featuring: Hanna Silver (synthesizers and effects), Michael O'Connor (flute and effects) and Conrad Tracy (drumkit)

November 15th

  • Pyriphlegethon, featuring: Adrian Sherriff (laptop), Sarah Whitteron (voice) and Graheme Croft‏ (contra alto clarinet)
  • Special Editions Residency Program, featuring: Michael O'Dwyer (guitar) and Brian O'Dwyer (drumkit)

November 22nd

  • Nat Grant (vibraphone) and MV (tape loops)
  • Kevin CK Lo (dual feedback violin) and Robinson Watt (synth and guitar)
  • Galactagogue duo, featuring: Mark Skelton (pedal synth and noise machines) and Kerrie Farnsworth (tenor saxophone)

    November 29th

    • Stephen Richards (synth) and Judith Hamann (cello)
    • Theorn Campbell (guitar)
    • Lloyd Honeybrook (alto sax and good haircut) and Scott Sinclair (electronics and bad haircut)

    MIUC Program October 2011

    October 4th
    • Donkey Mothers of Arse, AKA: Shane Van Den Akker (voice)
    • Miles Brown (theremin) and Matthew Brown (synthesiser)
    • Mad Nanna, featuring: Samaan Fieck (no), Ian Wadley (fi), Patrick O'Brien (anti) and Michael Zulicki (music)

    October 11th
    • This Ensemble, featuring:
    • Adrian Sherriff bass trombone
    • Anita Hustas bass
    • David Tolley (electronics)
    • Adam Simmons saxophones, clarinet
    • Tony Hicks saxophones, clarinet
    • Pat Thiele trumpet
    • Phil Collings drums, percussion
    • Ren Walters guitar
    • Sam Pankhurst bass
    • Steve Law electronics
    • Erkki Veltheim violin
    • Scott McConnachie alto sax

    October 18th
    • Jasmine Guffond (conduction with horns)
    • Tony Osborne (acoustic and electric voice)
    • Oscil_Ether (Bris) (extended guitar, effects, and modular synthesiser)

    October 25th
    • Kevin CK Lo (music) and Troy PJ Naumoff (music)
    • Joe Talia (drumkit), Ben Bourke (bass), James Rushford (viola) and Ned Collette (guitar)
    • Clinton Green (turntables) and Andrew McIntosh (electronics)

    MIUC Program September 2011

    September 6th

    • Umbilical Tentacle featuring: Yuke Mikayama (vocals and electronics), Nik Kennedy (vocals and electronics), Brad Smith (drumkit)
    • Doom Cube, featuring: Samuel Dunscombe (MaxMSP), Jessica Pinney (MaxMSP), and Kim Tan (MaxMSP)
    • Felicity Provan (cornet and voice) (NL), Cor Fuhler (keyolin) (NL)

    September 13th

    • Nik Kennedy (sub bass processed voice, homemade instruments, electronics and effects) and Dave Brown (macrosonically effected electric guitar)
    • Axximilation, featuring: Pandie Panther and Battle Pussy (drum kit, voice, tapes, laptop and distortion)
    • Ben Byrne (laptop and electronics) and Sam Pettigrew (SYD) (bass and electronics)

    September 20th

    • Military Position vs. Spasmoslop, AKA: Harriet Morgan (bass/electronics) Nik Kennedy (vocals/electronics)
    • Wank Bank, featuring: Stewart Cole (pitch shifted vocals), Tommy Miller (drumkit) and Michael Bugsy (abused guitar)
    • Robbie Avenaim (extended percussion)

    September 27th

    • No Anchor (BRIS), featuring: Alex Gillies (drumkit), Donovan Miller (bass) and Ian Rogers (bass)
    • The Swamp with strings and percussion, featuring: Brad Smith (vocals and electronics), Jack Whitcroft (vocals and electronics), Leo Whitcroft (vocals and electronics), Nik Kennedy (vocals, bog sounds and electronics), Judith Hamann (cello), Maya-Victoria (percussion) and Nat Grant (percussion)
    • Joe Musgrove (BRIS) (a/v processing)

    MIUC Program August 2011

    August 2nd
    • Robert, featuring: Angus Leslie (vocals and electronics) and Simon Charles (alto saxophone)
    • Belinda Woods (alto and c flutes)
    • SHOL, featuring: Chris Skepper (trumpet) Andrew Harrison (electric piano) John O'Hagan (contra bass) and Chris Lewis (drumkit)

    August 9th
    • Black Velvet Unicorn Painting, featuring: Emma Albury (sound) and Marcus Cook (sound)
    • Carolyn Connors (voice), Cor Fuhler (synthesiser and processing) and Sean Baxter (percussive junk)
    • Cooper Bowman (nintendo korg ds-10, tapes and effects)

      August 16th
      • Jon Heilbron (contra bass), Ida Duelund (contra bass), Dave Brown (prepared guitar) and James McLean (drumkit)
      • Gareth Thomson (drumkit), Ren Walters (electric guitar), Scott McConnachie (alto saxophone) and Sam Pankhurst (contra bass)

      August 23rd
      • Milica Stefanovic (electric bass), Dale Gorfinkel (vibraphone, modified trumpet and contraptions) and Ben Byrne (laptop and electronics)
      • Marco Cher-Gibard (electronics) and Dale Chapman (electronics)
      • Kim Kerze (electric guitar and objects) and Matt Cox (drumkit and percussion)

      August 30th
      • Goodbye Enemy Airship, featuring: Sarah Galdes (drumkit) and Gerard Mason (electric guitar)
      • Jake Rodwell (guitar and effects), Jacob Carmichael (guitar, vocals, effects and flute), Scott McLatchie (synth, vocals and effects), Harry Trotman (laptop and effects) and Reece Prain (vocals, tapes, effects and record manipulation)
      • 12 dog cycle , featuring: Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (extended vocal technique) and Nigel Brown (accordion and electronics)

      MIUC Program July 2011

      July 5th
      • Jorge Ramirez (Mexico) (laptop) and Pete Hyde (voice)
      • Kevin CK Lo (violin, guitar and voice)
      • Shane Van Den Akker (mobile phone), Mark Skelton (mobile phone) and Zac Von Bamburger (mobile phone)

      July 12th
      • Lukas Simonis (NL) (guitar), Adam Simmons (reeds) and Dave Brown (guitar)
      • Lloyd Honebrook (alto saxophone) and Nic Tammens (electric guitar)
      • Old Growth Cola, featuring: Henry Mills (electronics), Adam Rogers (guitar), Lewis O'Leary (guitar and voice), Andrew Boyd (bass guitar), and Adam Nicoll (drumkit)

      July 19th
      • The Swamp, featuring: Brad Smith (voice/fx), Jack Whitcroft (voice/fx), Leo Whitcroft (voice/fx), Nik Kennedy (bog sounds/voice/fx)
      • _F L A T H E A D_ featuring: Terry McDermott (software) and Piers Morgan (hardware)
      • Milica Stefanovic (electric bass)

      July 26th
      • WIFE, featuring: Eric Demetriou and Samaan Fieck (reel to reel tapes and cassettes, no-input mixer, contact mics, and various amps of different sizes)
      • Tim Coster (modular synth and effects)
      • Vijay Thillaimuthu (live analogue sound & video synthesis) and Sam Price (drums & digital synthesis)