MIUC Program November 2011

November 1st

  • THE OTHER, featuring:
  • Carolyn Connors (voice and ukelele)
  • Dur-é Dara (percussion)
  • Tom Fryer (guitars)
  • Tony Hicks (wind instruments)
  • Anita Hustas (bass violin)
  • Adrian Sherriff (trombone and shakuhachi)
  • David Tolley (laptop and electronics)
  • Phil Treloar (marimba)
  • Ted Vining (drumkit)
  • Ren Walters (guitars)

November 8th

  • Laura Altman (clarinet) and Peter Farrar (saxophone)
  • Tobias Brodel (bass guitar, guitar and microphone)
  • Bad Doctor, featuring: Hanna Silver (synthesizers and effects), Michael O'Connor (flute and effects) and Conrad Tracy (drumkit)

November 15th

  • Pyriphlegethon, featuring: Adrian Sherriff (laptop), Sarah Whitteron (voice) and Graheme Croft‏ (contra alto clarinet)
  • Special Editions Residency Program, featuring: Michael O'Dwyer (guitar) and Brian O'Dwyer (drumkit)

November 22nd

  • Nat Grant (vibraphone) and MV (tape loops)
  • Kevin CK Lo (dual feedback violin) and Robinson Watt (synth and guitar)
  • Galactagogue duo, featuring: Mark Skelton (pedal synth and noise machines) and Kerrie Farnsworth (tenor saxophone)

    November 29th

    • Stephen Richards (synth) and Judith Hamann (cello)
    • Theorn Campbell (guitar)
    • Lloyd Honeybrook (alto sax and good haircut) and Scott Sinclair (electronics and bad haircut)