MIUC Program March 2017

March 7th

  • Julius Schwing [TAS] (Guitar, Electronics) & Myles Mumford (Guitar, Electronics)
  • Vilan Mai (Electronics) & Chris Rechner (Guitar)
  • Lauren Mullarvey (Saxophone), Alex Roper (Percussion), Andre Lobanov (Double Bass) & Louis King (Guitar)

March 14th 

  • Stuart Grant (Electronics, Voice) & Wade Black (Electronics, Voice)
  • Hextape aka Eli Chappell (Cello, Electronics)
  • Null Buttfacesis aka Elaine Carter (Electronics) & Afterbirth aka Kama Way (Voice)

March 21st co-curated with Tonelist Records
  • Sage Pbbbt [WA] (Voice), Lenny Jacobs [WA] (Drums), Dan O'Connor [WA] (Trumpet), Aviva Endean (Clarinet), Simon Charles (Electronics) & Nat Grant (Percussion, Electronics)
  • Josten Myburgh [WA] (Electronics), Jameson Feakes [WA] (Guitar), Emily Bennett (Voice) & Cheryl Durongpisitkul (Trumpet)
  • Sage Pbbbt (Voice) & Nat Grant (Percussion, Electronics)

March 28th 

  • Taipan Tiger Girls feat. Ollie Olsen (Synth, Electronics), Lisa MacKinney (Guitar, Organ), Mat Watson (Drums) & Cat Hope (Bass)
  • Sage Pbbbt [WA] (Voice), Bridgette Baini (Guitar) & Scott Viney (Drums)
  • The Sweethearts feat. Nissa Finney-Lai (Sheer Unadulterated Brutality), JJ (Bass), Nathan (Guitar) & Tony Pearson (Drums)