MIUC Program October 2017

Tuesday October 3rd 

    • Decide Today[USA]/Evolve 23 [USA] - Decide Today - Cincinnati post-REALICIDEanarcho breakcore & Evolve 23 - conscious hiphop, Realicide Youth Records collaboration
    • unique oil free air [BRIS] - (Adam Park, solo harsh noise using pedals mini analog synths and cassette player)
    • Seychelles (Voice, Electronics) - Solo performance from Grace Anderson
    • DF0:BAD vs. Rainbow Vomit And Cum Bubbles - (Oscillating, Circuit Bent Gear,  Speak and Spells and Harsh Noises)


  • Richie Cyngler and Nat Grant
  • Intrinsic Light
  • Sacred Order of Magnitude

Matt :: Puredata Xenharmonics
Jodie Clark :: Guitar + Incorrect Pedals + The Universe
Nat Grant :: Acoustic Improv + Post Processing
Richie Cyngler :: Cocoquantus
Jen Tait :: Found Objects + Enthusiastic Timing
A Demon Sheen :: Guitar + Humility
Shane Van Den Akker :: Vocals + Ink and Light
Jen Callaway :: Vocals + Analogue Synth + Percussive Objects
Tina Douglas :: 3D Sensors + Conductive Fabric
Vijay Thillaimuthu :: Modular Synthesis + Theremin
Travis Jekks Taylor :: Microtonal Guitar
Andras Bubics :: Nintendo 3DS + Impeccable Dress Sense
Rob Curulli :: Micro Modular Synth
Nik Kennedy :: Pedal array + Microphone

Tuesday October 17th
    • Yoshitake EXPE [JPN] (Guitar) & Maria Moles (Drums, Percussion)
    • Kouhei Harada [JPN] (Max/MSP), Mitsuaki Matsumoto [JPN] (Prepared-Biwa) & Shohei Sasagawa [JPN] (Max/Jitter)
    • Vanessa Tomlinson [BRIS] (Percussion) & Dave Brown (Prepared Guitar)

Tuesday October 24th - CURATED BY ERIN TAYLOR

  • Schmac (Bodies, Carrot, Gravel, Undefined Potentialities)
  • Simon Charles & Michael McNab (Wind Gongs and Objects / Captured Percussion)
  • Erin Taylor & Ogemdi Ude (Percussion, Visuals, Feedback, Movement)

Tuesday October 31st

  • Amplified Elephants: Teagan Connor, Jay Euesden, Chelsea Michelle, Daniel Munnery, Robyn McGrath, Helen Kruljac, Megan Hunter
  • Nat Grant & Robbie Avenaim (Double Drums, Junk, Electronics)
  • Erkki Veltheim (Strings, Percussion, Noise) & Sabina Maselli (Voice, Images, Sounds, Processing)