MIUC Program July 2011

July 5th
  • Jorge Ramirez (Mexico) (laptop) and Pete Hyde (voice)
  • Kevin CK Lo (violin, guitar and voice)
  • Shane Van Den Akker (mobile phone), Mark Skelton (mobile phone) and Zac Von Bamburger (mobile phone)

July 12th
  • Lukas Simonis (NL) (guitar), Adam Simmons (reeds) and Dave Brown (guitar)
  • Lloyd Honebrook (alto saxophone) and Nic Tammens (electric guitar)
  • Old Growth Cola, featuring: Henry Mills (electronics), Adam Rogers (guitar), Lewis O'Leary (guitar and voice), Andrew Boyd (bass guitar), and Adam Nicoll (drumkit)

July 19th
  • The Swamp, featuring: Brad Smith (voice/fx), Jack Whitcroft (voice/fx), Leo Whitcroft (voice/fx), Nik Kennedy (bog sounds/voice/fx)
  • _F L A T H E A D_ featuring: Terry McDermott (software) and Piers Morgan (hardware)
  • Milica Stefanovic (electric bass)

July 26th
  • WIFE, featuring: Eric Demetriou and Samaan Fieck (reel to reel tapes and cassettes, no-input mixer, contact mics, and various amps of different sizes)
  • Tim Coster (modular synth and effects)
  • Vijay Thillaimuthu (live analogue sound & video synthesis) and Sam Price (drums & digital synthesis)