MIUC Program February 2013

February 5th

  •  Abaetetuba (Brazil) feat. Rodrigo Couve Montoya (Shamisen and Acoustic Guitar), Renato Meganha (Reeds and Double Bass), Thomas Rohrer (Reeds and Rabeca), Yedo Gibson (Reeds) and Antonio Panda Gianfratti (Percussion)
  • Corey Fogel (USA) (Drums)
  • Dale Gorfinkel (Percussives) and Peter Farrer (Syd) (Saxophone)

February 12th

  • Battlesnake
  • Theorn Campbell, Jon Perring and Eliot McTavish
  • Todd Anderson-Kunert

 February 19th
  • Clinton Green and Barnaby Oliver
  • Ryan Granger and Tom Baker
  • Council of Elders

February 26th
  • Tony Buck (DE) and Magda Mayas (DE) 
  • Sophia Brous, Evelyn Morris and Shags Chamberlain 
  •  Erkki Veltheim, Scott McConnachie and Matthias Schack-Arnott