MIUC Program July 2012

 July 3rd
  • Shane Fahey and Michael Tee with Zac Keiller and Sasha Margolis
  • Mattress of Pagan Horror, featuring Dominic Kavanaugh (handmade instruments and electronics) and Leo Kavanaugh (drumkit and percussion)

July 10th

  • Kynan Tan (laptop), Andrew Brooks (saxophone, preparations and objects) and James Rushford (violin and electronics)
  • Warden Burger, featuring: Skye McNicol (violin), Adam Park (bass and sfx), Dylan Jeffreys (guitar), Henry Mills (handmade electronics), Jule Small (vox, found objects), Alex Cuffe (voice, percussion), Nicola Morton (synth, feedback), Rohan Holiday (synth, feedback, and percussion)

July 17th
    • Cat Hope’s structured percussion improvisation, Wolf At Harp, featuring: Ian Wadley (drumkit), Nat Grant (percussion), Dan Crowe (drumkit) and Gareth Thomson (drumkit)
    • Robin Fox (software and hardware) and Marco Fusinato (guitar and electronics)
    • Stuart James (Perth) (laptop and percussion)

      July 24th

      • Donky Muthers of Arse, AKA: Shane Van Den Akker (voice with SSTV accompaniment)
      • Social Climber, AKA: Omad (glitch synth and analog sequencing)
      • XIBE8, featuring: Matt Brown (vocals and computer), Peter Dumsday (keyboard) and Shannon Millard (guitar)

      July 31st  

      • Erck Mitsak (funny dude, extended vocal technique and carnivale), Tjrev Cley (head in hands rager, hard style beat and guitar senseless noiser), Jaroud Zlutik (nousy angry scene hater, guitar distortion and easy noise), and Danny Frommager (isual artist guitar novice and noisey enuff) 
      • Wife, featuring: Eric Demetriou (noise) and Samaan Fieck (noiser)