MIUC Program September 2012

September 4th

  • Clocks and Clouds, featuring: Kraig Grady (meta-slendro vibraphone) and Terumi Narushima (meta-slendro pump organ)
  • Yuka Mikayama (voice, sampler and laptop) and Yuko Kono (guitar and effects)
  • Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (extended voice) and Ben Byrne (data tapes)

September 11th

  • Onion Engine, featuring: Pete (ticks, pots and bits of tin), Adam (low strings and wires), Jake (bill the modified guitar and tuna tins),  Mike (high screechy strings)
  • World Grind Domination, featuring: Pete Hyde (voice), Brad Smith (drums), Max Kohane (drums) and Nik Kennedy (voice)
  •  HKM, AKA: Harriet K Morgan (blackened bass and tape collage)

September 18th

  • Shackle (Netherlands), featuring: Anne LaBerge (flute and electronics) and Robert van Heumen (laptop and controllers) Shackle is supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL.
  • Christopher de Groot (prepared vinyl and analogue synths)
  • James Rushford (viola and electronics) and Joe Talia (revox)

September 25th
  • Adam Simmons (reeds) and Marco Fusinato (guitar and electronics) 
  • Mitch Brennan (laptop) 
  • Lasse Marhaug (NO) (laptop and electronics) and Marco Fusinato (guitar and electronics) 
  • Robinson Watt (electronics)