MIUC Program April 2014

April 1st
  • Ice Claw (Guitar, Synth)
  • Propagations aka Luke Jaaniste [BRIS] (Laptop)
  • Langlo Paniflax aka Trent Brown (Electronics)

April 8th

  • Tim Coster (Synthesiser)
  • Kristian M. Roberts (Objects, Microphones, Mixing Desk)
  • Jonathan Nokes (Modular Synthesiser, Voice)

April 15th
  • Will Guthrie [FRA] (Percussion)
  • Austin Buckett [SYD] (Electronics)
  • Jenny Barnes (Voice)

April 22nd

  • Lowest Common Denominator feat. Ennio Swaggart (Electronics) & Elron Mancini (Annoytainment)
  • Antique Crumbling Framework feat. Christopher LG Hill (Voice, Electronics) & Peter James (Electronics)
  • Kevin CK Lo (Violin/Flute/Flucc'd)
April 29th

  • Poletopra (Brutal)
  • Anthony Pateras (Analogue Synthesiser)
  • Marco Fusinato (Guitar, Electronics)
  • Shit to the Spirit aka Erkki Veltheim (Violin, Voice, Percussion, Hatred)
  • Francis Plagne (Sound)