MIUC Program May 2012

May 1st
  • Carolyn Connors (voice) and Judith Hamann (cello) with Sean Baxter (percussion)
  • Clinton Green (detourned records, objects and turntables)
  • Stephen Richards (analogue synthesizer) and Mitchel Brennan (laptop)

May 8th
  • Dudes With Trowels and Stephen Magnusson, featuring: Dude (drums, junk, percussion), Dude (drums, junk, percussion), Dude (pocket trumpet, slide trumpet, percussion), Dude (melodica, effects, talk box, 'sound wizard' keyboard, percussion) and Stephen Magnusson (guitar)
  • Anita Hustas (contra bass and preparations)
  • Ren Walters (guitars) and Scott McConnachie (alto saxophone)

May 15th
  • Travis John (guitar) and Eric Demetriou (closed circuit feedback and processing)
  • Rodney Cooper (hacked original electrical guitar and pocket radio)
  • Rosalind Hall (re-constructured alto saxophone and preparations) and David Brown (prepared guitar)

May 22nd
  • Heilsgechichte, featuring: Kevin CK Lo (violin, guitar, detritus, miscellanea) and Robinson Watt (guitar, effects, etc)
  • PCS x VJ Ladylux, featuring: Piers Morgan (guitars and effects), Cayden Mowbray (laptop and effects), Steven Gill (guitars and effects), Andrew Schwab (guitars and effects) and Fudge (guitar and effects) with VJ Ladylux (laptop and projections)

May 29th
  • Sam Pankhurst (conta bass), James McLean (drumkit), Brett Evans (tenor saxophone) and Christopher Young (bass clarinet)

  • Charles Ives Singers, featuring: David Palliser (horns), Alexis Ensor (horns, strings and electronics), Victor Meertens (humanofon, goatafon and horns)